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Derek Powazek

Heather arrived. Aborting murderous rampage.

In the airport and someone has been whistling the Mission Impossible theme for 15 minutes and I may murder them with my bare hands who has bail money?

My newfound love for bunnies had to find an outlet. Meet the two newest heartbeats at Milk Barn Farm.

The world’s first time traveler was just a boy who created a machine. The moment before he first switched it on, he appeared to himself as an old man.

“Don’t,” the old man said.

The boy hesitated, but he remembered how angry he was at every adult who ever tried to hold him back.

“Fuck you, old man,” he said, smiled, and hit the switch.

In an instant, he was old, standing before his younger self.

“Don’t,” he said.

I swear to fucking god if Trump appears on my phone without my permission, I will smash it with a sledgehammer.

Freezing tomato sauce and pickling cucumbers is like writing love letters to my future self. “Hey remember summer? Don’t worry, it’ll be back. Just make it through winter.”

> look
There is a tech startup here
> move fast
You are now moving: 100 FAST
> break things
You have broken: SOCIETY
> _

Goat cheese and tomatoes on everything forever.

@fraying so today I took a bunch of fresh goat milk, made chèvre, then made ricotta from the leftover whey.

Cheese, man. Cheeese.

I just learned that ricotta is the cheese you make from the whey that’s left over after making another kind of cheese.

I will no longer apologize for being a man with feelings.

Thinking of Grandma and Grandpa Powazek.

The defining characteristic of bubbles as a metaphor used to be that they were so easy to pop.

Never thought I’d say a sentence like this, but ... I’m disappointed Nixon didn’t win.

I made pasta sauce from 100% things grown here. 🏆

I look forward to the general public getting as sick of the term bokeh as photographers got in the 2000s.

Also, bokeh created in software isn't real bokeh. You need a real lens for real bokeh.

Why, yes, I am fun at parties. Why do you ask?

Hey everyone: The new iPhone does NOT have adjustable focus after shooting. All it's doing is isolating the subject and applying more or less blur to the background.

</photo pedant>