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When I was in seventh grade, waiting in the lunch line, someone hit me as hard as they could in the back of the head.

I still remember the cold stab of pain that came out of nowhere. The sudden ears ringing confusion.

Every day of Trump’s presidency has felt like that.

Always remember, branding is when you burn your initials into the flesh of livestock so everybody knows it’s yours to kill and eat.

Feeling great as I make sure every piece I posted on Medium is also on my own blog at

Don't store all your creative eggs in other people's baskets.

I used to see myself as Spike but now I realize I’m Jet.

I love the sound of a faraway freight train at night when it’s quiet and you should be sleeping. It sounds like an invitation.

I spent today mailing a product I made here on the farm to actual people who paid real money for it, then mucking the barn and prepping a stall for a special boy goat guest, and then watching said buck make babies with our does.

So, yeah. Good farm day.

This year I was the recipient of a metaphorical open-top shit sandwich. I was told I was “nice”, then a list of things I was not good at, and given an ultimatum.

I wish I had called out the behaviour then and there, but I was tired so I said thanks but no thanks. It was bullying. It was uncalled-for behaviour by persons in power. I know that now.

My advice/lesson is: recognise when someone is using your work to degrade you and know when to walk away.

Markdown is shit.

It makes my brain have to work so fucking hard just to remember the how that I give up on the what, which is the actual reason for being in writing mode in the first place.

Markdown is shit. Developers of new social and blogging platforms please give up on markdown. Microblog and Write As, I am looking at you.

So much of Medium is garbage, but the writing experience is painless and *looks like writing*, not like fucking code.

Every time someone says “Merry Christmas” to me:

Inner voice: Wait. Don’t they know I’m Jewish? I’m sure I told them. Or maybe I didn’t? That’s not a nice thing to say if they knew. Or maybe they think I’m one of those Jews that celebrate Christmas. Do I look like one of those? Or maybe it’s that I don’t look Jewish at all! Who am I kidding, I look like a rabbi. I wonder if Rabbi Kaplan is still alive. I don’t think so. Oh shit it’s been too long and I haven’t said anyth—

Outer voice: You too!

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