Here’s my turkeys gobbling in slow motion. Because it’s awesome.

So much of farming is just moving stuff from one place to another. Today I mostly moved leaves from where they shouldn’t be to where they should be. Happy goats and mulch aplenty.

Chainsaws work WAY BETTER when the chain is on the right way.

In related news, sawing down a dead tree is a pretty great way to spend pent up anger.

Anyone here know about chainsaws? Mine is throwing off huge amounts of smoke and blackening the cut as it slowly makes its way through a log. Basically doesn’t work. Any idea why?

Looked as all the obvious stuff. Chain oil full. Gas mixture correct. Chain tight but not too tight.

My therapist told me a story today. She has a bonsai tree in her office and it's very important to her. One day she walked in and saw that it was just a trunk with brown branches, the leaves were wilted because she'd overwatered it. She was so upset. She trimmed the dead leaves, but couldn't bear to throw it away because she loved it so much.
So she kept taking care of it. It was lifeless for weeks, but she persisted.
This week, little green buds blossomed into leaves.
Even though all hope seemed lost, that little tree blossomed in the toughest of conditions.
Even when all hope seems lost, you can blossom like that tough little bonsai tree. 🌿

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There are two kids of Powazeks: the kind that saw the storm coming and ran, and the other kind. The dead kind. Today I’m once again wondering which kind I am.

Fluctuating wildly between characteristic SV optimism about saving the world, and deep doubt and depression about having useful skills for doing things other than getting people to click on buttons.

We’re just starting to learn all the benefits of CBD, but for me it’s the only thing that’s helped when my back is in spasm and I can’t sleep. It’s also pretty great at stomping anxiety spirals out. I’m grateful to live in a civilized place where it’s legal to grow a small amount for personal use.

Heather took this photo of me and when I saw it my first thought was “grandpa wouldn’t like me wearing a hat indoors.” And then I remembered he wouldn’t like me trimming cannabis, either.

If you’re wondering, I am not a stoner. I grow high CBD cannabis. Four plants as allowed by law in Oregon.

I cure the flowers and use them to make coconut oil-based tinctures and salves. They help me with my insomnia, back pain, and anxiety. And, to be frank, it’s been a miracle for me.

I super do not understand the idea of watching a podcast taping. It’s like watching a writer writing. Just because I like the output doesn’t mean I want to watch it get made.

I just ordered a bunch of bumper stickers that look like this.

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