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Anyway, hi, I'm an internet linguist!

You might know me from writing linguistics articles at The Toast (RIP)

These days I cohost a podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics ( and I'm writing a book in defense of internet language which'll be out with Penguin in 2019

Turns out that not even during staycation can I find time to catch up on all the podcasts I allegedly 'follow'.

Finally got an hour free, but how to choose‽

Luckily, #YouAreNotSoSmart recently interviewed half of #Lingthusiasm - a two-for-one!

Thanks @gretchenmcc and David McRaney, I could listen to yous chat all day.

I wrote some of my thoughts about the decentralization of language on the web while reading 'Because Internet' by @gretchenmcc

Because Internet 

"R is a harmless consonant that never asked to be embroiled in any of our petty human squabbles."

I've listened to just enough Lingthusiasm that I can hear all these quips in @gretchenmcc 's voice even without buying the audiobook

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@gretchenmcc The livetoot begins with the jacket blurb: "language is humanity's most spectacular open source project" is not a way I've ever thought about language before

Guess what I just found in the mailbox. Excited to dig in!

/cc @gretchenmcc

Just finished an advance copy of Because Internet by @gretchenmcc ! It’s all about Internet language and I understand so much more now about why some people use Wildly different styles online, and how the meaning varies depending on when you first started using the Internet . It’s really fascinating! Preorder:

@gretchenmcc asked on Twitter what people's favorite Unicode characters are. I couldn't decide between ampersand (&), lowercase esh (ʃ) and cup of tea emoji (🍵) .

What are your favorite #unicode characters?

How do young children use emoji? Let's find out!


Please answer it if you have preliterate or semi-literate kids in your life, or share it with people who do, and hopefully we can make a CHILD EMOJI CORPUS 🥰

You know how on they say that all publicity is good publicity, even when it's bad? Well, if you don't want to give a certain character or company the pleasure of knowing that you talk about them, #Voldemorting is the solution. Read @gretchenmcc for WIRED:

This bot wants to sing with you! @singalongbot

A post-XOXO project by @gretchenmcc , Kate Compton, and me.

RT @gretchenmcc Please provide your catchiest songs, for Science*

*and by Science, I mean a late-night internet social experiment that we dreamed up at #xoxofest

(I just want people to come, so also feel free to drop by if you just want a guaranteed location to find me and say hi! It's a big conference!)

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Language meetup at @xoxo!

Do come even if you aren't sure if you qualify as languagey enough (there may be word games!) & feel free to drop by for just a bit!

2-5pm on the Friday social day

See the social spreadsheet or the language channel in slack for location

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