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Anyway, hi, I'm an internet linguist!

You might know me from writing linguistics articles at The Toast (RIP)

These days I cohost a podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics ( and I'm writing a book in defense of internet language which'll be out with Penguin in 2019

Just finished an advance copy of Because Internet by @gretchenmcc ! It’s all about Internet language and I understand so much more now about why some people use Wildly different styles online, and how the meaning varies depending on when you first started using the Internet . It’s really fascinating! Preorder:

@gretchenmcc asked on Twitter what people's favorite Unicode characters are. I couldn't decide between ampersand (&), lowercase esh (ʃ) and cup of tea emoji (🍵) .

What are your favorite #unicode characters?

How do young children use emoji? Let's find out!


Please answer it if you have preliterate or semi-literate kids in your life, or share it with people who do, and hopefully we can make a CHILD EMOJI CORPUS 🥰

You know how on they say that all publicity is good publicity, even when it's bad? Well, if you don't want to give a certain character or company the pleasure of knowing that you talk about them, #Voldemorting is the solution. Read @gretchenmcc for WIRED:

This bot wants to sing with you! @singalongbot

A post-XOXO project by @gretchenmcc , Kate Compton, and me.

RT @gretchenmcc Please provide your catchiest songs, for Science*

*and by Science, I mean a late-night internet social experiment that we dreamed up at #xoxofest

(I just want people to come, so also feel free to drop by if you just want a guaranteed location to find me and say hi! It's a big conference!)

Language meetup at @xoxo!

Do come even if you aren't sure if you qualify as languagey enough (there may be word games!) & feel free to drop by for just a bit!

2-5pm on the Friday social day

See the social spreadsheet or the language channel in slack for location

We generally think about language as a THING: letters, sounds, signs. But little bits of silence or invisibility are found surprisingly often in language.

Episode 23 of Lingthusiasm, the podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics, is a tour through the various kinds of linguistic nothings 🎧💚🕳️

Listen here or on your favourite podcast app

This is the “don’t @ me” of footnotes (Word by Word by Kory Stamper)

Here's a #ff

@explainjojo - the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure podcast I do with @elizsimins and @courtney
@tommchenry - excellent cartoonist
@gretchenmcc - linguist extraordinaire
@roseveleth - rad future thinker
@ingrid - thinking about the infrastructure that underpins life
@nervous_jessica and @nervous_jesse
- makers of nature-inspired computer-generated 3D-fabricated dresses, jewelry, and other things

New instance opened:

Polyglot City is the right instance for you, if you're interested in languages, language learning and translating, or if you are multilingual or polyglot. All languages are allowed to flourish on our timelines. Welcome!


I started fact-checking a book about emoji and the book was so hilaribad it turned into a thread-review (birdsite x-post) 

This is an unusual formation - some huge nodes with bristles of related words. Can't figure out what the big nodes have in common:
ryryryryryry, winair, monechma, jiwamol, thongrung, zety, rungfapaisarn, manxamba.
And their related words are weird too. Related to "manxamba": nephrotoxicity, bellbottoms, pilfers, xenomorph.

More nebulas in word vector space. They turn out to be Latin names of birds (upper), mollusks (lower right) and other invertebrates (lower left). Gauzy satellite blobs are dinosaurs and taxonomists.

Is there yet a Mastodon instance themed around language learning, multilingualism and polyglot people?

I could be interested in opening one, if this niche is not filled yet.

#Mastodon #instance #multilingualism #polyglot #languages

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