I fought Zalgo in Swift and got to use async await in JS for the first time in the same day. Is there a message in this 😅?

Found real Zalgo chaos in the wild today. Now I have a synching feeling this may not be the first time. I did not previously comprehend the depths of madness (sometimes) lurking just beyond the main thread (…but sometimes not).

Trying our React again. JS still feels loosey-goosey, but there’s something about the immediacy of the web that’s just super validating. Also I feel so well supported: it’s like walking on giant pillows made of other people’s code.

All I need to say is that I hope the idea of reprinting ‘Form of the Squirrel’ into black-border at least came up in conversation at some point—would totally work, IMO 😂. Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

Retweeting the retweet cuz I’m pretty sure you want to work with @map.
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This is your chance if you ever wanted to work with me. ;) twitter.com/evenly_io/status/1

The world needs 1-Up pizza,
The world wants 1-Up pizza,
Let’s get some more 1-Up pizza!
—The Offspring, 1998

Wow: War Games really holds up; what a great script.

Phenomenal. Desert Bus is one of the greatest things I have had a hand in building, was super hard to leave behind, and is something I have extremely Big Feelings™ about as a result. This is a remarkable achievement and all involved should be super proud of nother amazing run.
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In a year when we all needed Desert Bus more than ever our amazing team made it happen. You, made it happen.

We have reached, and surpassed $7 M…

.@DesertBus for Hope 2020 is in its final hours. It’s been a tough year with important causes to support; If you have anything left, I know they’d appreciate it. Also a good if you just need some lovable goofballs in your life rn. Good job this year, folks desertbus.org

Woah! Amazing 😂. I actually didn’t realize that Rosco had design chops—maybe we’ll have to put him to work … 🤔.
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Check out what happened in a custom episode of jackboxgames.com/ @GU1Duck

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Are you a Producer based in EU? @metalab is ! Come work with me, all the deets are here 👉metalab.co/careers/producer-eu, or feel free to DM me with any Qs 🙌

Scientists still hard at work on formula to determine whether Safari is the active window.

I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but if you seal your audio cassettes with glue, you’re a monster.

So it’s punning “parlour” against the French word “to speak” but the pun only works if you speak ignorantly—am I unpacking this correctly?

Watching as all the icons in my dock slowly transform into rounded rectangles.

It’s great to be a pessimist when you get sick and need to have a Q-tip stuck up your nose: you’re always super negative.

This dad joke brought to you (and to me!) by … daycare, probably 😔.

The year I got off the bus 😢. Very happy that this is widely available ow, thanks to @CPCharity!
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We’re happy to announce that “We Are Desert Bus,” the long-awaited documentary film, is now publicly available thanks to @CPCharity! Journey back to 2016 to follow the production of Desert Bus 10, and see the impact Child’s Play has on kids’ lives.

So this happened this weekend. Easily the most convoluted “Hello World” ever produced by this sweet summer child 😂.

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