The usual mellow Sunday morning soundtrack just doesn't feel right after this week. Instead let's go for a little sardonic bitterness with EC.

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Is there any feeling quite as nice as hitting "send" on the final submission for a big project?

Okay, yes the world is a giant dumpster fire right now, but I just spent four days surrounded by amazing, creative people at ... AND the new series of QI is starting. So not everything is bad.

<-- is feeling great!

Closed my last two outstanding projects this morning, I'm officially off the clock until Monday.

Ready for a stress-free XOXO!

I'd almost forgotten how much fun it is to get caught up in a project, hacking away hour after hour, so focused you lose track of time.

“It’s gonna get intimate and weird.”

What a great show by !

Honestly, I don't know how to choose. I seem to forget about Ani for a few years, then come upon an old album, and fall in love all over again. The big albums for me are Reveling/Reckoning, Evolve, Not a Pretty Girl, and Little Plastic Castle.

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