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Keith Malik Washington, a Black journalist and detainee at a GEO Group halfway house, was charged with “Unauthorized Contact with the Public” for contacting press about a COVID-19 outbreak. Now, BOP may send him back to prison.
My latest @shadowproofcom shadowproof.com/2021/03/09/jou

Somehow still seein folks QT that dumbass podcast & other fools.

Please just screenshot. Or report em. QTs still count as engagement & pumps up their clout in the algorithm.

Better yet, just subtweet these dumbasses so other ppl don’t search for em & boost their metrics too.

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Today would’ve been Angelo Quinto’s 31st birthday. Today, we honor & remember him. Tonight, we light candles, come together as a community, & celebrate his life. Special thanks/Salamat to Bella (Angelo’s sister) for creating this beautiful portrait. 💙

Schools are getting money to open up again. Obviously they’ve been underfunded since before covid, so of course they’re gonna do whatever it takes to get it. This is a systemic issue that started long before, which pandemic has only worsened. And of course who suffers the most?

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Literally every student in the Remote class for my teacher fam is a student of color.

Meanwhile one of the biggest arguments for restarting in-person early is the “learning gap” for black/brown students in the pandemic.

It’s absolutely sickening—but honestly just biz as usual.

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Teachers here in 707 have to go back to the classroom for their majority white students BEFORE they get their second shots (or first for some). Meanwhile PoC students who are staying home aren’t prioritized at all.

It’s all about the $$, not health or safety.
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As schools prepare to reopen, Asian American, Black and Hispanic families are opting to keep their children in distance learning at disproportionately…

While we definitely could use some more folks (and more representation from marginalized folks) on some of these committees, I've also been thinking back to @FGCwoke's show on the ; I think having "liaisons" for the effort is something very worthwhile to pursue.

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Oh meant to post this earlier but

Yay finished a thing for …nothing special but should be published soon.

Next step on my agenda is to help make things a bit more transparent, & try to bring in some more folks who are able to help the effort.

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Accidentally deleted a *really* important post in the VSAV Discord…a long list of resources on how to pushblock…doesn't get more important than that.

……But remembered I save all my important discord posts in a text file & recreated it immediately.

How do you watch spiderman far from home & your takeaway is: “I don’t like Zendaya?”

I recently learned “developer advocate” is a position that exists…and it sounds like the perfect intersection between my skills, interests & passions…is there anyone out there who can help me unpack what they do & how I should position myself to become one?

Tuned in yesterday and it was good vibes with good folks and a good game.
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Birthday stream! Come join as I play FF6 for the first time. Let's have some fun


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Solano County, make your voice heard. Vacaville’s city council meeting is tonight at 6 PM. To make a public comment, you can find the link to the meeting in our bio.

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Target, Walmart, convenient stores, retail locations, Postmates, pet stores- you are all eligible right now!! This is a VERY broad tier to cover essential workers.

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Are you Team @reepal or Team @ricksteeezy ?

The NA Exhibition goes down this Wednesday! March 10th, 6PM PST.

10v10 Team Battle, Waseda Style.

Which team will reign supreme?
Watch all of the action at twitch.tv/levelupyourgame

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Moral arguments will not persuade people who don't share your values.

I keep pushing on, because this is really *nothing* compared to what more marginalized members of our community face just for existing.

And if these efforts can help even one person be able to feel safe enough enjoy our community the way I'm able to, it'll be worth it.

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Been working on stuff all day and even though it's relatively simple stuff, it's super draining thinking about the importance/implications of the work & the inevitable BS storm that will surround every step of the way.

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