Once again: And obviously this ain’t just about kbrad.
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i hope this goes w/o saying buuuut: remember kbrad is black too (black folks ain't a monolith). So if you ain't black, think before you say something real stupid.

with that said: wtf, smdh & as a long time personality how could you be so dumb.

Been keepin my head down these past few days “knockin things out” as my dad would say. Been more away from the news—and therefore experiencing less 3rd hand trauma, but also feelin a kinda way about not doing more.

Either way, thanks for y’all care & support. It is appreciated!

Reposting…it’s the thread I’m most proud of writing . I wrote it shortly after my father’s passing, amidst grief, rage & compassion.

Rereading…It’s eerie how relevant it is to recent headlines. And while levels may be a bit different, I feel those same emotions today.
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My father was in the Navy for 21 years…loved & acclaimed by his commanding officers, a Seal w/multiple tours in nam & korea.

But—he's black

Anyway…today would’ve been my dad’s 84th birthday.

As a Navy Seal he gave his health for his country, & continued to do so after retirement, working as a counselor in juvenile hall, advocating for young folks navigating the criminal “justice” system.

We love & miss you.

It’s all so predictable, really.

Do I think people deserve a 2nd for minor offenses when they are legitimately repentant? Sure.

Do black people even get that *1st* chance…even when they’ve done nothing wrong?

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Wake up and see today is gonna be a lot of forgiving & applauding white people who fucked up & are only sorry they got caught.

Must be nice.

CW: same shit, this time in my hometown against a 16 yo kid
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VACAVILLE PD, the officer slamming the kid, who is 16. These cops do not care ab what’s going on right now. These curfews just make them feel more obligated and in control. A grown ass MAN threatend by a kid, with ANOTHER OFFICER BEHIND HIM. Make this go viral y’all.📍VACAVILLE📍

Also Note: The marker in the default iOS editor is NOT enough to obscure faces.

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LRT Here’s a good image metadata scrubber. Everything is done locally; nothing is stored anywhere online or off-device.

Not sure of one for video.
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i built a tool for quickly scrubbing metadata from images and selectively blurring faces and identifiable features. it runs on a phone or computer, and doesn't send info anywhere.

process your images so that you and others are safe:


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Be careful about what and when you post on social medial.

Milwaukee has begun issuing citations for breaking curfew based entirely on social media. They won't be the only ones.

Cross Out Faces > Blurring
Screenshots > Originals
VPN > Direct IP

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Here’s a list of black-owned restaurants in Sac that need your SUPPORT! This is just one way to support businesses in our community and who doesn’t love to eat?! 😬

I put together this list together from my own research so I apologize if I’m missing any

Back again, this time was a success. Good folks here. (@ Norcal Imaging in Oakland, CA) swarmapp.com/c/0biAZPLWP3J

Sorry not sorry I’m woker than thou 

Finally having enough capacity to catch up on some less important stuff. As I look through the xo slack I see ppl asking about brunch & shit earlier this week &…wow must be nice.

Tfw the allies post a hashtag and an emoji, then back to business as usual
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Stop lying to me and @hagure

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i’m the creator of pixel-fonts.com — if you're a black artist, designer, developer, content creator, or streamer, reply/dm & i’ll give you a free download code with my pack of 40 pixel fonts free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects, no credit required

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If you have a large platform and need to send up a flare in the event you are detained, I use Shamir's Secret Sharing:
Find 7 friends who dislike each other, set a quorum of 5 to reconstruct your password to access a broadcast (Twitter, not email) account.

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Yo I NEVER knew the context of the “TO THIS DAY” gif, til now 😳

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