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Hopelessly Useless Due to the Circumstances of Floating in the Universe

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Code by yours truely

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The origin of my name is from Golden Boy

Well retroactively; a friend told me they found my username in an old anime

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It’s also such shark behavior because the dine-in restaurants that are ignoring the law are screwing over the take-out restaurants that are doing the right thing.

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It’s not like they’re doing this to survive. All my neighborhood restaurants are doing take-out and still in business.

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Restaurants that are still operating dine-in during COVID are really outing themselves as an establishment that skirts public health ordinances. Since they visibly value their bottom-line over everything else, who knows what else they do in the back of the kitchen.

I thought Netflix pulled Carole & Tuesday from their library, but turns out they just block most of their titles when you're on a VPN 🙃

For , I’m watching the Eyes on the Prize episode of when MLK opposed the Vietnam War and pushed for economic justice. A stance that will make him lose many allies and supporters, but you know what, he was damn right

I tried the last batch for two minutes shorter and they came out more to my liking. I swear this gas oven/stove cooks a lot hotter than the analog dials advertise. I hope the electric oven in my new place has better controls.

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Achievement unlocked: baked cookies 🍪

The cooks illustrated recipe with the browned butter tip gave them deep toffee flavors 🤤

LA is full of celebs you could run into, but in San Diego, the only celebs you could possibly run into is either Mega64 pranking you with a video game skit or Jason Mraz selling you pricey coffee.

I would also say Tony Hawks, but he’s an SCP who’s unrecognizable

I tried Target’s Drive Up service where *full-time* employees gather your purchased items and bring it to your car. If this was the main shopping experience during this pandemic, we would have done a better job protecting essential workers.

If you want $15 minimum wage, don’t be surprised when conservatives make bad faith arguments. It’s basic economics

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