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Hopelessly Useless Due to the Circumstances of Floating in the Universe

Illustration by @_hmx12
Code by yours truely

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The origin of my name is from Golden Boy

Well retroactively; a friend told me they found my username in an old anime

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One of the best pandemic dish you can make with just stuff in your cupboard, baked rice and beans:

I’m Armenian-Iranian, so I had spare plain yogurt and kuku herbs to top the dish

covid-19, Apple 

I almost fell for it, but discord’s “are you sure to follow this link” modal reminded me to check the sender. That design pattern that was a minor-inconvenience saved my ass

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Wonder how many gamers have fallen for this phishing attempt? It’s so easy to impersonate on discord

Tom Scott’s new video is more than just a live updating title: the naive optimism of Web 2.0 and the hope for our web toys having positive effects long after they stop working

"Draw big lines"

That also includes that shadow on her neck. It's these little advice that improve your drawing skill.

I love that my mom nerds out about her Apple tech as much as I do :blobcatheart:

Apparently there's a group that organizes music events in minecraft. This isn't their first rodeo

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My latest fav emo song, which is about staring at glowing screens. Something we're all doing right now :/

I love you all ; Yes you can do it ! Be positive and live : read a book or say I Love you to any person you know ! I love you !

>don’t mod me, I’m not a fascist, I just like to lulz. The internet is free speech
>ew, all this free speech brought normies on here. I’ll just troll them away

This here is the basic death spiral of channers. It is why the lessons of Usenet (Eternal September, moderation, not feeding trolls, netiquette, keep communities small) will never be learned and the internet remains a hostile place to be

Oren Lavie's newest music video
how do I describe it
has him living with a choreographed hive mind?

But there's a deeper meaning about relationships here that's poignantly visualized

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This is the most detailed photo of a sprite I have ever seen. I read about these phenomenons as a kid, so dope to actually see them properly


We celebrated my nephew’s 3-month birthday today over video chat. How surreal and dystopian must it be from my sis’ POV to have a bunch of tiny faces of our family, across three devices, surrounding the birthday cake.

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