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Hopelessly Useless Due to the Circumstances of Floating in the Universe

Illustration by @_hmx12
Code by yours truely

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The origin of my name is from Golden Boy

Well retroactively; a friend told me they found my username in an old anime

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My low-budget stream is tonight at 8:30 pm PST. I will visit my abandoned island. Will it be overrun with weed? Did Isabella pimp out Nook to keep the lights on? We’ll see

>looks at the "Thank you" footer of Racket''s website

lol wat

I like to keep my JS vanilla and avoid third party dependencies. FastDOM, however, is an exception and honestly, I wish the DOM had a batching mechanism built-in

I played Among Us for the first time with my coworkers. I immediately got killed by my boss

I wanted to have a page for health widget and apps
Another for productivity
Another for settings
But trying to set that up is so goddamn tedious

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Hey Apple, thanks for widgets and pages and shit

but are you honestly gonna make manually me drag around each and every icon and widget? Would it have killed you to let me rearrange pages at the very fucking least!?

Ah fuck, AOC is streaming tonight!? No, no backsies. If you wanna watch a low budget stream of me playing Tetris 99, tune in now

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I just wish there was an existing spectrogram js library that would use the browser's built in FFT and draw a spectrogram in the background. You can pan and zoom with ease, no matter how long the audio is. The audio was based on an actual <audio> tag. Plus, it wasn't overloaded with other features like wavesurfer is.

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This goddamn spectrogram rabbit hole is dragging me further and further away from my main explorable audio editor project, but it's necessary to do this for such an essential component. Just like with a subtitle editor, you need a spectrogram to sync up audio with text.

FFT has a tradeoff between time resolution and frequency resolution. Plus you have a limited number of sizes to choose from:

How then does an audio timeline viewer like wavesurfer fit into different sized canvases. Does it mess with that FFT size? Nah, it resamples the matrix using some interpolation algorithm. wtf, I'm waaaay over my head here y'all:

Open Mike Eagle's new album "Anime, Trauma And Divorce" is out

Here's some background on it:

I look forward to givin it a listen

However, look at that <audio> example again:

Notice something fishy? The waveform is passed in! It's pre-processed!

What if you don't pass such data into wavesurfer? falls back to loading that audio file into a goddman audiobuffer

Which falls back to the strategy I was using to draw my spectrogram, so back to square one.

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