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The origin of my name is from Golden Boy鈥
Well retroactively; a friend told me they found my username in an old anime

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If I have a large PR on github, I鈥檓 gonna start writing a guided tour of the diffs. Just so the flow of the code and the changes are clear. The ordering by filename makes the whole PR feel random and harder to figure out where to start

Never worry about forgetting things again with Planner. Meet Alain and learn more about this awesome to-do app in the latest #AppCenterSpotlight. #GetItOnAppCenter for free!

Today I Usain Bolt鈥檇 our Uber when I realized my prescription sunglasses fell in the backseat. I caught up just in time and boy was I pain after lol

I watched a local Florida news about the Democratic race. They mentioned Pete, Amy, Biden, and even 鈥淪top and Frisk鈥 Bloomberg, but not a peep for Bernie. Is this how most local news in this country is framing the primary?

鈥淭o many, all crimes became drug crimes. Unbeknownst to their members, the Facebook groups were designed to boost Rodrigo Duterte鈥

Even him!? Man, humanity really wasn鈥檛 ready for large social media sites. They helped get autocrats elected.

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