Mozilla created an add-on for translating text locally. No more sending off your data to Google’s cloud!

@ilovecomputers This looks very cool, but it doesn't work for me. I see an icon but when I click it I just get a little message appear that says "fxtranslation-notification". Hopefully it gets fixed!

@ilovecomputers ABOUT TIME

this used to be part of Firefox itself tho

@ilovecomputers …oh huh, this button wasn’t there before, I’m glad they added the option (yes, you couldn’t at all before)

@ilovecomputers that’s probably because they used samples more favorable to Spain’s dialects, words like “arribar” are definitely not a thing here

@ilovecomputers Anyone know where the source code is? I'd love to incorporate it into my engines!

With Mozilla vouching for it I feel I can trust its longevity & reliability! And it is a feature I've been wanting! I know of a translation thing that is local but idk if they are using that or if they've made their own thing. haven't even read the article yet, just woke up and saw this 😆


a quick look over suggest that they likely made their own thing.
I'll read in further detail once I've had my coffee.

@be @ilovecomputers Oh, I see: the navigation was hidden from me behind a hamburger menu!

Not seeing anything I can simply drop in to my project though...

Considering that Mozilla tries their hardest to make Gecko as difficult to use as possible for anything that's not Firefox, I sincerely doubt there's anything that you could drop into a project without essentially rewriting the whole thing from scratch.

Here's the source code for the recently-released Firefox extension though:

@be @ilovecomputers

@alcinnz @be @ilovecomputers seems to be what you want.

But it appears that the only supported platforms are x86 and WASM, getting it to work on other architectures might be a bit of work.

@konni I'll probably end up waiting 10 years for Armenian/հայերեն to show up

@ilovecomputers Oof yeah, if they don't sideline this project like they have with many..

i rlly hope they don't, though

@ilovecomputers unfortunately it only supports 12 western languages for the time being :|

@ilovecomputers I have no idea what that middle part of the article meant where they described how they got the computing effort down, but I'm interested to see how well this add on works and how the process of helping teach new models looks like.

@ilovecomputers Hm.. while their icon shows Japanese Hiragana, language Japanese is not supported :)

@ilovecomputers really interesting tech. I'd like to see someone write a Matrix bridge for two-way translation of channels.

That would open new possibility to communicate for a lot of people. #matrix

The above statement is a bit 'ironic' because if you go to the Bergamot project site (, you'll get an almost empty page (when using uMatrix) ... unless you add a script exception for ...
Other sites it uses:

Neither Mozilla nor Bergamot claim 'freeing yourself off of G👀gle' though question is how good this translation is compared to google. i’m not talking English here but about other languages. oftentimes american companies care only about english and a few “major” languages to translate to/from.


Same here, the Bergamot website, does not work w/o the primary Google libraries, gstatic,, etc.



Holy shit.

I tried to send them a message thru their Contact form, to complain about using Google libraries.

Literally could not submit the form from my FF (!!) browser, even with both ad blockers (uMatrix and NoScript) completely disabled. Had to use Vivaldi.

And insult to injury, had to complete a Google recaptcha before the message submitted.

Sooo discouraging.

@ilovecomputers I was excited to try it out but apparently you don't get the option to translate a page written in your system's language.

I'm learning Spanish & my computer (Firefox as well) is in Spanish local. So can't translate a webpage in Spanish to English.

It'd be better for me to be able to translate some words or sentences rather than the whole page but anyway, even the whole page would be useful. Apparently not possible.

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