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The weird thing about people fleeing The House That Jack Built for here is that it’s like an election result.

Y’know, you don’t so much “win” electioins, as one candidate loses them? That.

It says less more about the side that lost than the side that won.

Android: Oh noes, you're running out of space, quick delete some apps or photos.
Also Android: I silently downloaded a 1 gig system update in the background for you.

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if you're actually new here, just do what you want to do, as long as you are nice to others.

if people tell you what to do, don't take it personally: some people have not yet figured out the concept of personal space. that's okay, I guess. if they keep doing it, you can tell them to fuck off or block them or something.

you can use Pleroma's subject feature or Mastodon's badly named CW feature to attach a summary of what you're posting, this can be useful for letting people pick and choose what they want to see. it is true that Mastodon hides all messages with CWs attached to them by default, but this isn't a form of self-censorship. if that seems like something you want to do, then do it. but, don't feel pressured to use it. don't give others the power over your own experiences.

there are two things I would suggest doing, however:

1. attaching image descriptions when possible (this isn't possible in Pleroma frontend, but can be done when using Mastodon frontend on Pleroma, and Mastodon itself always supports it, and all the mobile apps you would actually be using support it), this is nice for people who are blind -- there are actually blind users of the fediverse and they have expressed appreciation for this feature.

2. marking stuff that would be inappropriate to display in public as sensitive or NSFW. in mastodon (and mastodon frontend on pleroma), you can do this by clicking the eye icon which appears when you attach an image. in pleroma frontend, you can do this by tagging the post #nsfw.

beyond that, please aspire to give everyone their own personal space. this platform isn't twitter, and the fact that most generally give each other the common dignity of having their own personal space without others coming into it and telling them how to use the platform, is generally seen as a feature.

we put Python 3 on AppEngine Standard, but we broke all the nice data and image integrations - Google

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Hey if you're an individual or organization in Europe doing work on digital rights, you should apply to -- the give micro-grants quickly for good projects. If you've never done that before, this the easiest way to start!

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Returning to Flickr (and to some extent using Mastodon) is like putting on your favourite old coat: familiar, comfortable and warm.

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i like to believe people can grow & change because i'm a historian and if i stopped believing in that then i'd have to confront the fact that all of human history is people acting like furious dumbasses and never learning anything and that thought terrifies me

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the policy of setting problematic instance posts always as unlisted is pretty good.

like blocking but people can still itneract if they /really/ want.

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Thinking out loud: The VC system rewards assholes. (This is not debatable. I've been through it.) But community systems require non-assholes. (If not require, at least reward.) And now CEOs are pretty much required to be community managers. So we wind up with large communities run by assholes. Fixing this seems ... complicated.

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oh. by the way, i should mention the other fediverse thingy i'm cooking up, that isn't pleroma.

i don't have a name for it yet, but it's basically a self-hosted blogging platform with tumblr features. it will support both activitypub and indieweb for federation, though.

i intend to use this to replace my current website.
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what if the real distributed social network was the friends we made along the way?
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At Mastodon's current stage, there should be formal outreach to the admins and maintainers of other instances that are doing right by their users. Like, hell, you've got your decentralized co-op RIGHT THERE. Why would you be all about federation on a technical level but not see why this is ALSO effective for feature planning and enrichment?

After watching "Nadiya’s Family Favourites", iPlayer recommended this 1978 episode of Delia S,ith's Cooker Course on Spices: Is their AI being ironic?
Several minutes on salt, and Delia says she is teased about pepper.

This is like magic:
(do data URLs work here?)
data:text/html,<body oninput="i.srcdoc=h.value+'<style>'+c.value+'</style><script>'+j.value+'</script>'"><style>textarea,iframe{width:100%;height:50%}body{margin:0}textarea{width:33.33%;font-size:18}</style><textarea placeholder=HTML id=h></textarea><textarea placeholder=CSS id=c></textarea><textarea placeholder=JS id=j></textarea><iframe id=i>

Wondering which metadata mastodon will choose for a preview

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podcast business grumbling Show more

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@KevinMarks I know! 😀 (he says, from to ❤️)

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Is there yet a Mastodon instance themed around language learning, multilingualism and polyglot people?

I could be interested in opening one, if this niche is not filled yet.

#Mastodon #instance #multilingualism #polyglot #languages

Over in , @Gargron said that no-one is using rel-me verification. That's not true, as indieauth uses it. You do have to be a bit careful with twitter, and Facebook is a lost cause, but it works with WordPress and github as well as personal sites. Here's how it works with a browser plug in previously @cwebber @aaronpk

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stalgia: a lack of wistful longing for past things