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This person's question was answered like 12 times because Mastodon only shows replies from the federated timeline. A lot of the replies are from different domains, so people probably replied to a question they thought was unanswered.

This, and the overhead of finding and following folks, are two of my biggest Mastodon pain points. I usually view toots on their home server before engaging, to see all replies.

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I'm finding the new colour scheme too low-contrast for comfortable reading. Which is a problem with fancy colour schemes in general, and why I used to have a "nuke colours" java bookmarklet saved in my browser.

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Long, long ago, I built personality tests designed to go viral on what we called “the blogosphere”. That same mechanism was used to harvest personal data from 50M Americans. Here’s how.

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"The Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellowship awards $50,000 + support to an outstanding individual developing open culture in their communities. Applications due March 24th."

Who is Bassel?

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“Your Interactive Makes Me Sick -
Why your coolest scrolly features pieces can cause problems, and what to do about it”

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Unread counts are bad and the NYT is on it!
previously: “At it heart Twitter is a flow - it doesn't present an unread count of messages, just a list of recent ones, so you don't have email's inbox problem - the implicit pressure to turn bold things plain and get that unread number down. Instead, you can dip in and out of it, when you have time, and what you see is notes from people you care about.”

why is halcyon proposing that I follow people I'm already following?

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Hey everyone! So the first call of the Social Web Incubator Community Group is at 4PM GMT this Friday, May 5th. I hope you can make it!

This will be a somewhat loose call, going over topics of the group and the state of things.

Call details posted on the blogpost. Quick link to find call time in your timezone:

hang on, do replies not show in the public timeline? Is this a birdism?

Mastodon, Twitter and publics

Long ago, I wrote about the theory of social sites, with the then-young Twitter as the exemplar. As Mastodon, GnuSocial and other federated sites have caught some attention recently, I thought I'd revisit these theories.

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hi Oulipals who just found this spot: don't post homographic symbols to avoid our constraints. I'm at work and busy; going through flags and discarding toots is not part of my day job, sadly

also, glad you found us! ♥️

Updated my viewer to hide NSFW media and to crosslink federated feeds

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If you know of a site that's difficult to read because of it's design, report it to @kevinmarks for inclusion in his curated collection

based on seeing my son baffled by the instance choces

I made an instance previewer, so you can see the local/federated feeds of an instance without signing up: