‪2020 vibes: very happy to be in a living situation where I finally have access to real health care for the first time since... 2017?‬

After a long conference day of being consistently misgendered, plus tons of other unintentionally transphobic microagressions, I’m SO grateful for and appreciative of inclusive tech spaces like @recursecenter, @queerjs, and so many indie games events.

I’m so fucking tired, y’all

‪I love how the way brains work means I don’t remember ANY of my high school French unless I’m drunk, in which case I can actually legitimately speak at the level of ordering food in a restaurant or chatting with a cab driver‬

‪Welp, the whole time I’m in Montreal this week, the weather’s supposed to jump from a low of 8° C (~45F) to a low of -12° C (~10F). That’ll make packing fun. ‬


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