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Recently learned that 〇〇 is a thing in Japanese. (Placeholder for a word, pronounced maru-maru). Delightful and useful.

I think I actually like this better than JetBrains Mono…

A Berlin based distributed ledger where someone called Sven controls all access: BERGcHAIN

Every once in a while I stop listening to my favorite music and forget it's something I can do. Then I rediscover it after months and it is like seeing color for the first time.

If you like Sudoku, Wordle and crosswords, this might be as fun for you as it is for me:

Every time I think about how this whole cryptocurrency bullshit started in part with trading cards by "Magic The Gathering Online Xchange" rebranding as "Mt. Gox", I have to laugh/cry.

Verified users can't be blocked or muted either way.

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Blocking and Muting will first be removed, than reintroduced as paid features.

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Elon will be founder of Twitter, retroactively like with all of his companies.

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Let's brainstorm some changes if Elon actually buys Twitter:

The most unclear city: Las Vaguest.

“No politics” is a political stance.

Maybe I should put my Horizon and Elden Ring playthroughs on pause until I have replayed all the Monkey Island games…

Welcome to a new round of the fun game “Is it depression, or did you just read the news?”

Would be interesting to see some studies about that but subjectively it seems men don't wear masks when the aren't required to far less often than women. It's almost like they are bad at empathy or something.

I just read that Europe wastes 10.000 tonnes of wheat on bio fuel every day. Not surprising and by far not the most absurd thing, but somehow I think that broke me.

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