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I wish there was a ZWJ sequence for emoji to modify the color of cat emojis.

I love looking at the different Covid Tracing Apps that pop up. Bonus points for France for having a dedicated gitlab instance. However we have to discuss git best pratices in terms of commiting code…

What’s a good 5GHz WiFi Router to buy for a secondary network to escape the 2,4GHz crosstalk hell that currently slows my network to 5Mbit/s? Eero?

Loving how easy it has become to write standalone Apple Watch apps.

Ideally this goes hand in hand with source control that doesn’t operate on files but on logical code units.

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I wish we could finally get rid of source files in IDEs. It’s an artifact of storage organization that’s not ideal to represent or group code. I want automatic code grouping by dependency, “smart playlists” and user-defined groups.

if you are looking for a way to level up your sourdough game, add koji (aspergillus oryzae) to your starter. It can process cellulose to less complex sugars, making it the perfect partner for your yeast: More bubbles, additional tangy-sweetish funk.

In my experience, icon design quality is strongly correlated with ui/ux design quality.

I just stumbled over this old thing, and somehow that dystopia looks nicer than ours?!

Things I do to relax: Forking open source apps to display hyper-local Covid-19 data.

Does anybody know how to get all the historical data for Covid-19 cases by borough in Berlin? ( only has the current date, iinm?!)

Thanks to Covid-19 I’m more convinced than ever that most men would need about 20 hours of empathy and courtesy coaching before they should be allowed to interact with society and other people.

Added „pause after subtitle“ and „loop subtitle“ options, also voice synthesizing words you look up now. (I might do that whole vacation thing wrong by just working on a different app, I guess)

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Had to replace the system dictionary (too slow) and wrote my own control overlay (so interacting with subtitles works with player controls). Also added a second subtitle (supertitle).

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There seems to be a shift in time perception to categories of „the before“, „the ongoing crisis“ and a mythical „after“. It feels weird to live in a „prolonged now“ that will last for months if not years.

Is it just me or are the documentary sections of big streaming services increasingly trying to emulate YouTube‘s right-wing/rabbit hole patterns? iTunes is pushing me to Cernovich content and Red Pill apologism, Prime doubles down with WHO conspiracy and a Elon Musk hagiography.

Wanna listen to Berlin's club scene while social distancing? Check out the iOS app we at donated to! (Android app still waiting for Google’s approval)

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