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Random scary thought: What if public policy in general is as bad or worse compared to public health policies in the last two years?

Decided to try and learn an esoteric keyboard layout just to see how it feels. (ISRT with 34 keys)

Well, I guess we finally flattened the curve.

One thing I don't get about crypto currencies: If the money supply is capped, how does the economy grow?

I assume the reason "Don't look up" gets bad/mixed reviews is because...

it hits too close to home.


Alternative title: "The Resurrection of the Author".

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Can confirm: The new Matrix movie is lots of fun.

Got my booster digitally certified today. Still eagerly waiting for the day someone will actually scan my vaccination certificate.

Had an idea for a seriously depressing YouTube series: "Gamergaters - Where are they now?"

Thinking a lot about how unethical a new technology can be, while still gaining traction in the tech bro bubble. Is there a limit? Where would it be?

Developer Typo of the day: LGBTM.

The cognitive dissonance between "let's get slowly back to normal" feels overseas and domestic "have you read the latest bad news about omicron?" threads is... interesting.

Just shuffled into Wagakki Band for the first time. This is extremely my kind of shit.

My morning so far:
- Read new Omicron neutralization study
- Tried to check spread of variant in Germany
- Found out latest published figures are from three weeks ago.

Do I know somebody that knows somebody who works on YouTube for iOS? Really annoyed about it stealing the system's AVAudioSession while previewing a muted video. Please .mixWithOthers when you are playing muted video.

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