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TFW when you spent days moving from the bed to the couch and back because you are ill af, but your Apple Watch insists “you can still do it”.

Really getting annoyed by everyone claiming that Germany is doing a good job or even its best at vaccination.

Why didn’t they elect Amanda Gorman?

Also, how perfectly does this part of the Wellerman match up with the global pandemic?

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*googles “how to learn to sing sea shanties”*

Quick, someone register and point it at Parler.

Looking at vaccination it’s fascinating to see how capitalism has become a fundamental limit of thought:

„You don’t have enough doses? Well why didn’t you order more, silly?“

„Production not fast enough? Well ofc, we have wait for the one company that’s allowed to make it.“

[pensive instrumental music]
[woman singing in norwegian]

Still trying to understand why it is a fireable offense at @github to call people with Nazi tattoos, wearing Nazi sweaters and shouting Nazi ideologies „Nazis“.

New hobby: Interpolating the date we (read Germany) reach 50% vaccination assuming current numbers. (Currently: End of March 2023)

Setting up a new blog has become a yearly tradition at the end of the year for me. Who knows? Maybe, one day, I will even use it.

Ah... The agony of finding great software you want to use and finding out it doesn't support German. (cc @DescriptApp)

My Xmas vacation so far? Wrote an autopilot for Desert Bus. (Cloudbus Edition)

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