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So far Half-life Alyx is the best VR game I ever played. And weirdly topical at the moment.

Nothing beats the pure joy of watching your cat watch the Lion King remake.

My favorite TV station is now streaming concerts every evening to support Berlin clubs that had to close to . Thanks!

One of my biggest worries switching jobs was that having to go to an office every day after working from home for years would be hard. 3 months later I’m a bit sad about the office going remote for a week due to covid19.

I love the idea of using machine learning to evolve game genres. Check out 's new game Polarized for a great example. A "text" adventure where you take photos to progress. The "parser" is image classificaton. Zork meets Pokemon Snap.

I wish there was a way to extract a class to its own file from a swift/objc file containing multiple classes in Xcode. I’m a bit flabbergasted that refactor doesn’t do that already.

Got my very own Iaito (a blunt sword for practicing Iaido) this week. Ordered it last September and I am so happy it's finally here and I can train with it.

I have little problems being touched by strangers except for what I call the dominant male shoulder grip. It’s the worst. (Picture for illustration only)

Isn’t it super weird that Netflix has no concept of „I watched this together with some else on their account“ or even „I watched this outside of Netflix.“? I basically just want to mark stuff as watched.

Every 👏🏻 Newsletter 👏🏻 needs 👏🏻 an 👏🏻 RSS 👏🏻 Feed.

It might already be time to abandon all hope that 2020 is the year where things get less worse.

Of course I had to make sure that’s actually accurate, so I now have stopped by twice, longingly gazing through closed glass doors, not for the (probably delicious) coffee, but to the back, thinking about the lonely washlet and what will happen to it now.

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