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I'm so happy that thanks to Death Stranding the walking sim is now a hardcore gamer genre.

TIL: The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 protects workers older than 40 years of age. That means millennials are on the verge of becoming a protected class.

Good: Siri reading incoming Messages.
Bad: It always uses the language Siri is set to.
Ugly: There are iOS APIs that make it easy to detect language of a text and choose the right TTS voice.

Why is there AAA game development but no S rank game development?

I guess that settles if game companies need to worry about politics.

I'm too old for entertainment that "gets good after 10 hours".

TFW you don't know which dystopia to prefer.

Hmm. Will Apple Stores (namely the one in Berlin) stock AirPods Pros on Wednesday? Leaving for Desert Bus on Thursday and online ordering is already slipping to delievery on the 4th...

Thanks to I finally have the watch complication I always wanted: a digital clock of a different time zone. 🎉🎉🎉

Most important iOS 13 feature: cat detection.

Minecraft Earth seems to work fine if you have a New Zealand App Store Account to download it.

"Maybe game jams as a practice should be examined in the light of glorifying crunch culture and propagating a very warped public image of the development process?", he said, thinly veiling his opinion.

Why is there Coke Zero Cinnamon now, bit still no Pumpkin Spice flavored coke? This is not the capitalism I was promised.

Structurally it reads a lot like a zen koan collection. It follows the "anecdote, then a comment by the master" format.

People that think a lot about how machines think seem to slowly think more like machines themselves.

Here are two brainfarts I had after reading the latest Alignment Newsletter:

On one side people trying to blame terrorism on gaming, anime and 3D printing, on the other side panicked children worried about their toys getting taken away. Somewhere in the margins vanishing few people worried about Nazis killing Jewish people in the streets in Germany again.

"Years and Years" is horrifying and anxiety inducing and brilliant.

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