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Toot like nobody's boosting!

Day 5, the expedition has come to a desperate low in morale after mice invaded the RV and ate all our candies.

@tootapp are you aware that CWs don't work right now? Just tried to toot with one but the CW got posted as a reply to my own toot instead.

Hiking near Banff feels like where I did grow up. Sub-alpine forest and lots of Germans. 😅

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Seeing someone like Linus - in a position of power - making the realization that he needs professional help to stop his unacceptable abusive behavior, gives me hope. Even if it's massively overdue in this case.

By now I have enough cameras, lenses, tripods, lights and stuff to shoot a small indie film, but nothing to show for it. (Except the documentary about my company I did a few years ago with borrowed equipment.)

I always want to do vlog style videos, but then I ask myself why and for whom. Then I remember I'm still awkward on camera and not sure if I can do in English. After that I buy some aspirational filming gear and repeat the cycle without doing anything.

Apple: "Please submit your Mojave updates!"
Me: "New this version: Support for Mojave"
Apple: "Hey, that's under NDA, even though it's on our website for 6 months now. Rejected."
Me: "Oh right, I remember this awkward dance."

Another night, another late shift in the mac app store mines. fingers crossed for no rejections this time!

I appreciate getting (potentially) featured by Apple, but going to bed late to submit builds for the new iPhones and Mojave and getting up early to submit artwork for a feature isn't the _perfect_ vacation activity. ;)

And now for the part of the vacation where I download Xcode and update Carcassonne for iOS. 😅

I'm on a train driving through a giant Bob Ross painting, eating delicious food every few hours. It's like an utopian Snow Piercer. I hate that this journey has to end eventually.

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this is Betty Holberton. she invented the concept of breakpoints for debugging. ever heard of her? you probably haven't, because our field sucks ass and constantly erases its own history.

Vacation pro tip: Get yourself a quality cat sitter that sends cat pictures daily!

Hanging out in Toronto and being very happy about having accommodations right in China Town. Fruit Sando and Kinako Latte!

Lessons learned: don't put expensive powerbanks in your checked luggage.