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Took me way too long to figure out that triggering automation in HomeKit via temperature sensors just does not work. (Workaround: use a homebridge-http-webhooks pushbutton that is called every few minutes via curl as a trigger and use temperature as condition)

Amazed by how good music sounds with Atmos.

Upgraded the fish tank to InfluxDB 2 just in time for fish cooling season.

Climate change documentaries seem to cross the tipping point of "how can we believably end this thing with a hopeful message".

Biggest iOS 15 wish: repeating personal automation tasks.

Programmer friends! Is anybody else dreaming bug fixes? Today is the second time in four weeks I woke up after dreaming to debug and finding the issue while sleeping.

Maybe I put custom HomeKit camera firmware on an ESP32 just to check if the cats are chilling under the bed again.

I'm looking for an artist to commission to draw a caricature of a human as a cartoon bird. (Either Bojack-Horseman-style or Donald-Duck-ish) Any recommendations?

Siri still sucks, part 528: "New appointment on the 4th" creates a new calendar entry on May 4th, 2022. This is not how humans talk about dates, Siri.

Someone keeps plastering the neighbourhood in Monero crypto-grifter stickers. (And someone keeps ripping them off. 😬)

Related: Is that a screenshot from an actual game?

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Pretty irked by these "5 new games we loved" AppStore stories that always feature an image completely unrelated to the five games featured. (Without even mentioning where the image is from)

I wish GymKit was documented/reverse engieered. At least so far that scanning a custom NFC with Apple Watch (which is probably how it works?) could trigger a new workout.

I started logging my Slack Status to my personal InfluxDB. Why? Not sure. Because I can?

Listening to Eple by Röyksopp still brings back fond memories of installing/updating a few dozens machines at my university's Mac OS X lab. 🥲

I cannot recommend this podcast episode about Claude Shannon highly enough. Do yourself a favor and listen to it.

Hey, @DisneyPlusHelp! Did you license the Mandalorian to the Bavarian Conservative party for election ads? Would be disappointing to me as a customer. Or is this a copyright infringement?

Yet another day I have to plan around a demonstration of people denying Covid. 😷😵‍💫😤

This is a great tool for everyone on this website. (A browser extension that lets you block people that like or retweet something)

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