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I think I’m covered! Thanks for the retweets and offers!

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Thankful for any tips, beit just an idea for an inexpensive solution.

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Berlin friends, followers, randos! I’m searching for a place we’re I can remote direct a week-long charity broadcast benefiting children’s hospitals mid-November. Needs: beefy (50mbps+) upstream, space for a few displays, ideally socially distanced/isolated.

When you catch yourself crying after reading and realize that 2020 is a lot to process.

If this whole thing was a TV show this exact moment would be were I‘d stop watching. All my favorite characters killed or sidelined and no Happy End in sight. And by whole thing I either mean US politics or the state of the world.

I really tried to like this trainwreck, but it’s just beyond redemption. Was this tested with anything but perfect internet reception at all?

I started logging when I wake up at night and press play on my falling-asleep podcast. It’s way better than any sleep analysis app I’ve used. (Also: I wish I’d sleep better.)

TIL: There’s an Ayn Rand inspired party for local Berlin politics now. How is this still a thing?

It's easy to trigger a maintenance mode message that takes the server down for 5 minutes a time by reloading the website. I guess it generates new UI session objects each time that accumulate until memory is full and you have to wait for the garbage collector to come around. 🤯

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Sending a form with 7 strings, 3 booleans and a geo location takes 44 HTTP POST requests.

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I’ve been spending a bit of my free time reverse engineering an API written in Vaadin.

I can now safely conclude: WHY WOULD ANYONE DO SUCH AN HORRIBLE THING ?! ?! ?!

2020 is when a Kennedy comes to Berlin to speak in front of tens of thousands, tells the crowd that he is „ein Berliner“ and then goes on to warn of 5G and Bill Gates surveillance satellites.

Just checked again and the raw data has zero key matches. So the App isn’t even correctly showing what is is supposed to show. 🙄

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Looking at the raw data I can’t even find the key match event. Maybe it’s even a bug? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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This is just a „you have been naughty in the last 10? days but most likely nothing happened“. Might be triggered by my neighbors phone through the apartment wall or while eating outside at a restaurant.

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How is this in any way useful to anybody? This information is not actionable. If I at least got a notice where or when the exposure happened I could adjust my behavior accordingly.

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