Peer to peer car sharing is becoming more well known in the UK, thanks to a decade of companies working hard to promote this market. @hiyacar isn't the first, but we are the oldest still operating in the UK and owe some of that to those who came before us.

2/ In Scotland this is possible as under 12's are excluded from these the limits when meeting outdoors. I support this petition asking our Prime Minister to add an exemption to under 12s in *our* restrictions also.

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1/ I have first-hand experience of the mental health impact on children during lockdown when schools close for an extended period, but close again they must! However if two adults can still meet while exercising, why not two children in some way...

Overhead in the office of the product manager of my smart meter display unit:

"Yep, that's perfect. Ship it"

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After seeing @bradtaunt's 1MB Club yesterday, I figured we should have a stick to go with his carrot, so here's 😁

For 8 years an American has been writing Scottish Wikipedia articles by just adding a Scottish accent to English content

Car sharing already reduces travel-related carbon emissions, at @hiyacar we're working hard to reduce them further. Here's the next small step on that pathway 🌲🌲🌲🌲

There are many reasons why considered asynchronous communication is better than real-time chat/video. It really is the remote working super power

Thanks to the great behaviour of the @hiyacar drivers, they all now benefits from a reduction in insurance costs. Read more on the blog

Here's a little post on how and why @hiyacar moved it's Blog from Medium to @jekyllrb + @Netlify + @Cloudflare Workers

I’ve been blocking out time in my calendar as ‘focus time’ for a while to get deep work done. It’s definitely helped with my personal productivity. piloted focus blocks with his Facebook team to even greater effect 👌 you should try it too

Thank you for supporting’s free car hire for

Find out a little more how works with, and a few little sneak peaks in to the hiyacar office

You're staying at home. Do you have a car you're not using? List it with and lend it to a local worker, we'll insure it, everybody's happy. Read more

For a looong time I've listened to's playlist every week. But today it's a beautiful playlist to thank all our . Give it a listen while you . I ❤️

Has anyone else noticed that
* stay at home
* protect the NHS
* save lives

Sounds a lot like RoboCop’s prime directives. Are we all RoboCop now?

I dare you to find a better playlist than's "The Greatest Spotify Playlist Ever™️"

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