Picked up Night Trap on sale. Glad I didn’t buy this in the 90s. It’s barely a game.

More songs that mention Dracula by name challenge

My favorite album by your favorite band is that one they did for the iTunes festival that’s permanently locked behind DRM 🤮

Wild to me that songs from ~100 years ago warn people to avoid meat and stocks.

@mattl my friend got in trouble with his parents cause we installed the Quake demo on their computer cause it was the only Pentium we had access to

And of course I have a friend’s website where I put up a PDF draft list. But in 2010. With a link to pdfreaders.org

I’m amazed anyone talks to me.

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Idea. Spinoff of Bar Rescue where I criticize your bar website.

Nobody wants a fucking PDF of your draft list.

What was the last major movie released on VHS in the US? Lord of the Rings?

There is a fishing TV show on local TV in Boston that I’ve never heard the audio because it’s always on TV in a bar.

I always forget that a company makes a golf club for old men to piss in until I see it on TV.

Apparently I need to start watching Line of Duty.

Weird how Pentium is still a brand. Someone getting a Pentium in 1993 was news.

Just had an overwhelming urge to look up the words to the Postman Pat theme song. 3am fun.

It’s really obnoxious that @Xfinity is promoting itself as “gig speed” while their upload speed is shit.

Nobody using it for multiple video calls is going to enjoy it.

Encouraging all union staff at @fsf to call in sick with .

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