Hey @scoopsofjam! I would love to join the Jam.dev beta community. I’m ID #1098 on the waitlist. Can I get an invite?

How does extra-strength 5-hour energy work? Can I lift cars for those five hours?

Update: found a Kit Kat so I’ll be sending invites tomorrow.

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Let me know if you want an invite to Clubhouse.

Anyone using Starry as their internet provider? Any horror stories?

I was a professional QB between 1998 and 1999, got promoted to VB for DOS briefly and then VB 4.0 as we needed 16 bit binaries.

Pretty sure Tim Brady has never tweaked the speed variables in GORILLAS.

Ah yes, football. When I think everyone is talking about QBasic.

Update: Apparently I've not seen the cartoon and may have in fact confused it with an episode of the Real Ghostbusters.

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Never read Lord of the Rings, but I’ve seen the cartoon.

Good night to get drunk and listen to New Order.

Woah @steviedotboston nice new website!

Do any of you lot know Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard? @robmyers

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