If Gecko goes away I’m moving to Dillo and if needed Links2 and if needed a proxy and Nexus.

Chromium can fuck off.

Please don't make me use Chromium/Chrome.

2.8 million dollars a year is the operating budget for multiple non profit organizations in the free and open source software space including the salaries of a few dozen people.

Starting my own podcast network but nobody can call me a dumbass. Please don’t post these terms anywhere else.

Feel bad that some bars who were on Bar Rescue who never have Partender.

Hey @marty_walsh @MassGovernor very concerning to see hundreds of people on beaches in Southie today — No masks. Groups of dozens of people.

Thanks to @benbakerbooks and @fil5000 I have been reminded of You and Me for the first time in probably 30 years.

Buying my Halloween skulls online this year :(

Well played Jeff Bezos.

Weird to think that Werner Herzog is on Parks and Rec with Rashida Jones whose father produced New Order for an album.

Jay Leno should start his own chat show right before the Ellen show.

Does anyone know where I may find 12mm plastic bases for some 15mm scale miniatures? They have a small integrated base but I want to base them properly.

Hey @DiGiorno — how does this delivery free pizza work? How long is it hot in the box?

Tip of the hat to anyone who ever used the unofficial Cherry Coke font, there.

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I guess those filthy touch screen games in Olive Garden are gone forever.

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