Are you bored? Do you want to be entertained?
In that case, check out @mattl #freeculture film Orang-U on #peertube :
It's the good kind of absurdly silly.
#creativecommons #PeertubeDiscover

Love to work on free software.

Btw I have no idea what this person is talking about.

Forget PGP. The way to establish trust is for @robmyers to email me from a new @heyhey account asking for a quote from The Young Ones.

Please link me to your Twitter lists, I want to follow and amplify awesome women and people of color.

I hope you’ll all come see me point out editing snafus in my own work and others. Next Wednesday near the town hall.

Show up with a haircut: $99

Show up looking shaggy: $0

Please RT.

Right now: enjoying using it in Firefox. This is how I used Twitter for a long time.

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What’s a good Mastodon client for iOS?

One thing that has changed recently for me: I started using for email. I’ve been bad at email FOREVER and now I’m trying to get better at that. All my existing email addresses should just forward to the correct place but don’t be surprised if you email me and get a reply from a new address.

Can I boost something with a comment?

I'm using to bring over original tweets and post them here. No RTs or quote tweets or other things. Let me know if it's annoying. I only have a few original thoughts, however.

Looking for a recommendation for a physical KVM switch. HDMI for the V, USB for the K and the M.

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