Listening to Dreams Never End on loop for the last week. Love this song @peterhook

Just think Disney should give the Turner and Hooch community what it wants

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I wish there was an Apple podcast with exactly my opinions

Very curious to know what the “email stations” were like at Woodstock 99.

Why two dogs and not one dog looking into a gramophone or better yet one dog is dressed as a robot from Battlestar Galatica and the other is dressed like Face from the A-Team

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Welcome to Maine I guess? Also the guide channel shows Food Network but it doesn’t work.

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Not sure why but the TV in this hotel room has two dogs on the boot screen.

Really want someone to give me shit about a New Order song on the jukebox as a man wearing a Joy Division shirt in a bar just so we can talk about Movement.

Fried mushrooms, salad and soup for lunch. Listening to @franticplanet’s You Are Haunted podcast

Dentist visits should include a barebones DVD movie you are asked to rate 1-5 teeth.

Is there such a thing as a popsocket that can hold an AirTag? Or do I just need to hot glue an AirTag to my phone?

What is a good, drop-in CSS I can put on to make it look a bit more appealing without adding a bunch of inline styles or classes all over the place?

Let Spit the Dog have a shot. He was good in 1976.

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