If you're disappointed in a certain wizarding educational facility, have i got a t-shirt for you

Proceeds benefit @TheOkraProject@twitter.com and Transpose PDX, thanks to @gendereveal@twitter.com and Tuck for the hosting and support!

Would not be surprised to discover the zoomers dunking on millennials thing is another fake account distraction from current events
(To be clear and )

@Bandcamp@twitter.com Some albums/eps i discovered in that list: (thread)
Devon Gilfillian's Black Hole Rainbow

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Hey, @Bandcamp@twitter.com is having another zero-fee day

Support your favorite BIPOC musicians, or find new favorites in this enormous (1000+) artist list


(Thanks to @SassyBlack_@twitter.com for this link)

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White people, it's your job to collect white people at a march for Black people. NBPOC- it's your job to collect NBPOC at a march for Black people. "Don't police other people's-" nuh uh. Black people have asked you how to behave at their marches. If you don't like it, get the fuck out the march. Your focus is protecting Black people at the fucking march about *protecting Black lives*

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tabletop games are a system for getting people to care about each other's OCs.

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the work of brown and Black thinkers, writers, artists and leaders predicating survival on ancestral ways and imagined futures is a project white queer and trans people should be supporting and learning from!!!

Umm this is too real

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You have two stats: exhaustion and feelings. While you roll under your exhaustion stat, the GM introduces a cost.

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/laserfeelings/stat

I'm sure the vegan breakfast snausage manufacturer thinks they're being helpful by giving the instructions "treat just like you would regular breakfast sausage" but I'm washing my hands like Lady Macbeth

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I love when being honest and straightforward is rewarded by a better understanding of each other.
That's my fuckin shit.

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Please #boost for Pacific Time Zone queers who stay up late for whatever reason. Trying to grow my lil discord server. We got memes and friendship. DM for an invite :blobcoffee:

Our internet was down for 6 hours today and we ended up watching a movie on a disc like in olden days

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