Does brown tin milo still exist?

09/19, still pretty consistently getting lost in the mountains

Is there a precise time you can point to when real estate in Australia went from housing to investment?

I find it challenging to square the notion that chatham house/non attribution is critical for public servants to operate effectively with the notion of open government and robust public discussion

remembering fondly the time someone at set up a slack bot that would, at a random time interval, pick someone from an opt-in list and yell at them to do push-ups

the vegan magnums are some kind of dark art

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πŸ“£ Useful Info πŸ“£

The link below heads to a really good break down of Mastodon, the UI and more. It's a really good starting point for some of the non-obvious aspects of Mastodon.

It was put together by @noelle and we thank them very much for keeping it up to date for all this time.

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I had a bit of spare time in Saint Petersburg today and indulged in my favourite pastime: browsing old book stores.

Wait, you can swipe left and right on emails in Gmail to go to next/prev? 🀯

vsco is a quiet miracle of beautiful things. I hope it keeps on doing its thing.

Who knew this beautiful mosaic was right above the DJ's entrance at the Canberra centre?

Beautiful start to with a tour of art around civic with curator Deborah Clark

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Earlier today Bill Gates in an interview said he doesn't like Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax because he thinks he will have to pay "$100 billion" and he will have to do "a little math"(?).

That sounded wrong, so I did the math.

Text version:


has anyone actually asked Green about the horse thing? it wasn't some weird fever dream was it?

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