uh, Canberra, you might want to be inside at 9

the @actgovernment check in app is such a great piece of software. lightning fast, well designed, good privacy policy. genuinely excellent.

every time I drive in Sydney I think my car is falling apart and then I realise it's just the roads

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i think part of the reason canberra grass pollen is death right now is that lyneham school appears to be trying to recreate the opening of gladiator on their oval

ever get a weird craving that jumps into your brain fully formed? today, maple flavoured corn syrup

ran my first over half mara distance jog in a real long time. feels good!

Just saw someone with a household income of 800k(!!) complaining they'd been priced out of the bay. Is this at all grounded in reality? If so, holy crap

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