I'm wearing a snow jacket inside the house. Gosh we build good houses here.

i'm impressed that in the year or so it's taken batch brew to become ubiquitous in australian coffee shops it's also managed to become "batchie"

Sending strength and solidarity to folks in Melbourne.

Designs IKEA won't bring back after 2020 - item A: this bathmat

Extremely sad face at this development in Turner, they could have done so much with the existing building

Got a covid test yesterday from the drive through at epic. Whole process took less than an hour, every interaction was professional and efficient, and I got by test results by text by midnight. Didn't cost a thing. Thanks @ACTHealth you legends ✨

lotsa tests of bureaucratic nimbleness happening - can your govt unit do policy design and service implementation at the same time? how fast can you pivot one or both of these while the service is running? who gets to say no?

Some policy around the use of masks feels like it would be helpful at this point

*chanting* renkon CHIPS renkon CHIPS renkon CHIPS

About a year ago when the link went around I did that thing lets you block pretty much every VC on twitter with a single button. Insanely good roi, highly recommend.

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NODE vol.2 is out!

Features awesome projects like The Open Book, @mntmn Reform 2, IPFS, SB, Cabal, @manyver_se



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