I'm so glad they've gone to the trouble of typing that in twice so there's a 5G option

Every time I come to Melbourne I am reminded how much I hate the knife egg

we are in the post little a era. welcome to the alittleocene.

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plastics: incredibly durable and airtight material, almost immune to breakdown

capitalism: lets use this for disposable packaging

Throwing out old posters and, well, this was a long time ago wasn't it

skywalker was like watching two hours of commercials for unrelated disney+ shows

Love to think about our post apocalyptic existence, uh, racing multi million dollar yachts

Canberra smells like rain. Amazing!

7am in Canberra and no sun, just a flat yellow haze and acrid smoke

Lotta fires visible on the MEL/CBR route today, including near adaminaby. Thoughts with the firies out in scorching conditions this arvo

Watching midsommar on low sleep is not something I'd recommend to anyone πŸ’πŸ»

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