So stoked to hear some deadset legends talk passionately and articulately tonight about building better places for us and with us. Pretty pretty pretty good.

Singapore Airlines emailed me telling me my miles were expiring, "don't let them go to waste" Checked and I'm about 100 short for a sample pot of marmalade.

just made a linkedin post with exclamation marks! very excited! lost cause!

if you're on the south coast and want to keep abreast of what's happening with the fire, @bay_post has a live blog

Wild skies tonight. Stay safe Braidwood folks.

I mean, I'm happy it did, but crikey

Ad Astra: how the hell did this get made?

Portuguese tart and a batchie. Good areas

Ultra boomer energy from the woman barging to the front of boarding brandishing her phone and then not having a scannable boarding pass or the app required for said installed

"Did I really read that?" who knows, maybe you misremembered, maybe the email changed?

Just think about how political campaigns
and those looking to disrupt them could use email where the content could change dynamically day to day, after it's in your inbox

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