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Have CUB finally discontinued the Abbotsford Invalid?

In extremely late stage capitalism/HellWorld areas: you can pay extra on this plane to watch linkedin videos

Powell's is a very special place

me: it's important you take a least a couple of photos of what's going on so you remember in future years
also me:

the funny thing about xoxo is I always walk away with like three blurry photos from about 40 hours of full contact socialising.

Internalised mental models for block sizes, who knew

Same thing in Melbs - NFS to proud Mary is ten minutes

This to me looks like it should be about two minutes to walk, but it's about twenty

Time and time again I get tripped up in the states by looking at google maps, spitballing a distance based on the number of blocks and being off by a factor of like ten

There is something oddly life affirming about watching a mic'ed up chainsaw be quietly contemplative about cher

@neauoire thank you (and rekka) for that inspiring talk. how long are you going to stay in jp?

Gosh that's some lovely dithering on the hold screen

Aside from the trash ux on the internal consoles (two touchscreens with zero reason for either) the Infiniti they gave me was a pretty fun drive. Like a forgetful elephant that takes a couple of seconds to register what it wants to do.

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