yet to be convinced it's at all effective in actually teaching you a language though

Saw this bloke wandering around last time I was in Melbs. What's googs doing with footpath streetview?

the league system in duo is very smart. I'm being gamed and I can't help but be invested.

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silver cluster grapefruits, painted by amanda almira newton, 1916

the best way to scare a tory is to read and get rich

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tiny places

Having always been afraid of drawing environments, I decided to push myself into finally doing it
by starting very, very small
#pixelart #ドット絵

From the "you probably should have thought of this first department" but if I have a library of kindle books is there any easyish way to get them off platform?

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kinda wild how there are so many data management and team communication platforms and none of them work

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*slaps roof of Australia* this bad boy can fit so many Cape York Peninsulas in it

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be the annihilation screaming bear you wish to see in the world

lol at the Jack Dorsey section of the index of Monteiro's ruined by design

@jomc robin sloan linked to your beautiful piece on brazenhead. thanks for such a clear picture of a wonderful place and the person bringing it together

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the avalanches and a milton mango - it must be time to head to brisbane

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