legislate or shut the fuck up. no more hollow words. if you get voted out for trying to do something that is entirely better than clawing onto worthless power while spewing empty platitudes

they put up a new sign and ruined my whole dang thing

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I'm ready for the way I think about chickens to be revolutionised

this is an actual article in the Canberra Times about public service cuts that explicitly uses the partisan coalition framing of budget bottom lines. meanwhile somewhere in manuka a liberal staffer is giving high fives.

why are people saying this super policy is bad? do people still not realise super holders can use multiple slurp juices on a single house

so if you have 1 super and 3 slurp juices you can buy 3 new houses

the halo teev show is surprisingly good. I think this is mostly because they ignored the games and just did their own thing. glad it's got at least one more season.

did we ever resolve the slurps to apes situation, or are we well past that now?

whomever has approved cashies using the Northbourne ave bus stops advertise predatory lending products targeting young people, you're an absolute parasite

The term co-design can mean very different things in different sectors. If you're in Canberra and interested in understanding more about the what, how and why of Paper Giant's approach to co-design, come along to our free breakfast event on May 18 eventbrite.com.au/e/co-design-

Septimus Potter and his black cat Tobias

if I was to watch one TV series dramatising a US startup implosion, which should it be?

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a nun driving a battered Toyota starlet with dip plates doing illegal U-turns in front of ten cops. Canberra.

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