I've compiled a superset of hosts that support podcast transcripts in some form. Some of which support the 2.0 transcript tag. If you know of any I've missed, let me know!


Here’s a new one for me. A podcast that’s only available in Australia, but they want a pod.link. podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/

@dave Does the Get Podcasts By Tag endpoint work for anything besides "podcast-value"? I got hopeful that I could track the number of feeds with transcripts over time without pestering you every month.

@dave do you have any sample feeds that are missing GUIDs in the feed and you had to fall back to enclosure URLs?

Does anyone know if Apple Podcasts Channels are accessible via any API endpoints?

Hitting a URL like itunes.apple.com/lookup?id=644 returns nothing and I haven't had any luck guessing at potential values for the `entity` parameter.

@dave Would it be possible to return transcriptUrl as an array? This feed¹ provide 3 transcript formats, but the API² only returns the first one, which is the least-useful of the three for my purposes.



Marco Arment’s thoughts from the latest ATP on Apple’s Private Relay as it relates to podcast analytics and ad tracking


Facebook’s announced their new Podcast Service. Better yet, they’ve released the terms and conditions too! 🤪 Here’s 7 interesting things worth mentioning:

From levelsio on Twitter:
> Spambots now generate entire Spotify podcasts with randomly generated text spoken by a robot voice 🤯


@jamescridland I’m running into CORS issue trying to load Podnews’ transcript client-side in my new side project. Any chance you could add the appropriate header to the server?

@bjoreman Displaying ID3 chapters in my web app (steno.fm) is a bit of a tangent from my primary goal of displaying transcripts.

But it looks like its mostly only Buzzsprout using the <podcast:transcript> tag, and I might need to work around the hosts and build a Mac app to encourage podcasters to use the "Synchronised lyrics/text" ID3 tag.

After playing around with the exported PodcastIndex database, I wish there was a way to make a "racing bar chart" video to visualize the meteoric rise of Anchor.

I'm not sure what the future of Steno.fm is anymore. Feels like the big apps are going to build a "good enough" solution based on auto-transcription that sucks all the oxygen out of the market for any sort of indie app

I've been working on steno.fm, my attempt to build a <podcast:transcript> centric podcasting experience respecting that podcasters want control over how their words are presented.

But it looks like Spotify’s going to slurp up all the listener demand for something like that if they’re willing to pay to have everything auto-transcribed.


@adam @dave I'm running into CORS issue trying to load the transcript file client-side in my new side project. Any chance y’all could add the appropriate header to the server?

I downloaded PodcastIndex’s "full podcast database" hoping to get a sense of how many shows in the directory support the <podcast:transcript> tag, but I should have realized that episode data wouldn't be included in the export.

@dave, any way to figure out that data?

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