Got to chat with one of the folks working on Adobe’s Project Shasta, a web-based recording and text-based editing, about transcripts and Podcasting 2.0. They’re using the same captioning from Adobe Premiere, which I’m told is best-in-class.

They’re rolling out invites to their alpha later this month, and it sounds promising!

Does anyone know off the top of their head if there's a deterministic way to link to a show on Podverse or CurioCaster?

I'm trying to update my repo with podcasting 2.0 apps

If I had access to the MP3 from any given web URL, then I'd be able to build my own floating player as a browser extension instead of using everyone’s various oEmbed players.

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I've been collecting all the sites that offer embeddable players via oEmbed. I've got ~60 so far¹, but it'd be great if every podcast website supported it. (podlink, podnews,, etc).

Additionally, if we all linked directly to the MP3 in the meta[property="og:audio"] tag² or the meta[property="twitter:player:stream"] tag³, then it'd be much easier to build a reverse-lookup from any given web link to RSS.


@dave Here's what P2.0 looks like in Steno trying to make your SRT look like paragraphs of text.

It only knows to break a paragraph when there's a new speaker tag, so adding those would also make it more readable.

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@dave My recommendation for transcripts would be verse-by-verse SRT and word-by-word JSON. Then different apps can prioritize the version that works best for their UI.

If your transcript is only verse-by-verse fidelity, importing it into Descript will process it into a word-by-word fidelity, but it doesn't support exporting to JSON. You can find Descript's own variation of word-by-word JSON in the DOM of their landing pages, but it doesn't match Buzzsprout’s. 😅

I chatted with @CastosMatt on The Audience Podcast about Podcasting 2.0 and building

Castos is still working on their transcript tag support, so here's a Descript link:

My freelance developer who’s done 100% of the work on Steno is taking a full-time job and has to leave the project. 😭 So if anyone knows a freelancer with ffmpeg and/or elasticsearch experience, lemme know!

I've compiled a superset of hosts that support podcast transcripts in some form. Some of which support the 2.0 transcript tag. If you know of any I've missed, let me know!

Here’s a new one for me. A podcast that’s only available in Australia, but they want a

@dave Does the Get Podcasts By Tag endpoint work for anything besides "podcast-value"? I got hopeful that I could track the number of feeds with transcripts over time without pestering you every month.

@dave do you have any sample feeds that are missing GUIDs in the feed and you had to fall back to enclosure URLs?

Does anyone know if Apple Podcasts Channels are accessible via any API endpoints?

Hitting a URL like returns nothing and I haven't had any luck guessing at potential values for the `entity` parameter.

@dave Would it be possible to return transcriptUrl as an array? This feed¹ provide 3 transcript formats, but the API² only returns the first one, which is the least-useful of the three for my purposes.



Marco Arment’s thoughts from the latest ATP on Apple’s Private Relay as it relates to podcast analytics and ad tracking

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