@dave Something that I'd love to implement in the next version of podlink is episode search from within a given podcast. It'd be great if there was an endpoint like `episodes/byfeedid?id=[feed-id]&q=[search-terms]` searching against episode titles and descriptions in the specified feed. Otherwise, I can implement it client-side.

This @Ember_Tech app has saved me from burning my tongue like a dozen times in the past month.

What if I signed off every email with, “Best of luck with your podcast!” because:

a) I’d be right more than I'm wrong

b) leave everyone else with the confusing thought, “Do I seem like I have a podcast?”

The "Material Design Icons" plugin for @figmadesign presents itself as an official @materialdesign plugin, but it only supports the "Classic" set by Google. If you want the rounded theme, not available.

BUT @icons_8 is happy to sell you a subscription for their similar icons. 🙄

So for the next version of PodLink, I'm keeping apple-IDs for the pathname, but I think I can add URL endpoints for PodcastIndex episode IDs without dropping support for my existing base64'd-GUID URLs. 🤔

HER: on no, your WFH desk block my favorite snow-watching window!

ME: well we can fix that. *rotates webcam*

So did the @podstatus people just hope no one would notice that their logo looks like a ripoff of @Bitcast_fm or what?

The Bluetooth stack on my M1 mac is so flaky (even w/ exclusively first-party accessories) that I have to:

* disable wifi
* connect my keyboard via cable
* only use a single Bluetooth connection (magic mouse)
* give up using my magic trackpad (which is critical while designing)

@dave I’d be interested in getting a version of <podcast:destinations> that works within items.

That's easy enough for platforms that use GUID-based episode URLs (Google, PlayerFM, PodcastAddict), but it seems like such a headache for the rest of them.

Is this the year I get really into Mastadon?


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