So, here's some fun facts:

That new CATS movie? Half that production crew is also on the new The Little Mermaid.

And did Les Miserables. And the King's Speech.

And is doing the new His Dark Materials miniseries.


yes. thank god. no more gritty reboots, just give me a version of CATS that thinks it’s parents were Blade Runner and Les Miserables. this is all I want in life

Reminder that amazon workers are on strike today. I’m trying to not use amazon products today in support.

Drinking a Cog Porter by at —

Like the malt on this, and some great spice notes underneath. - Drinking a Start Strong Lager by at —

Good balance of malt and hop. There’s an under taste I’m not sure sure about, but this is solid. - Drinking a Classic by at —

Hi all, so I've been doing a ton of design and planning and even some implementation work on the new CLI for Entropic, a really fancy next-generation, incredibly fast package manager.

You can support that work by sponsoring me!

In this modern blue-collar workforce, the workers *are* the means of production.

This is lovely, a good balance of hoppy and sweet. You can taste the hops and the grain in good balance. - Drinking a Sin Hop Seco by at —

I’m going to be speaking at ! Who else will I be seeing there?

Effective today, I am retired from operating

That blog post I said I'd probably regret publishing? Here it is.

Your 4th of July reminder that we are all immigrants, and everyone belongs here.

Courtesy of the Alameda 4th of July parade. 🇺🇸🎇🎆

Hey do I have any internet friends who work in the SF Adobe office?

r/ts appreciated for reach

Btw, I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that’s An Elegant Puzzle is the best book on engineering management that’s come out this year.

I learn actionable advice from the parentheticals, to say nothing of the main content.

If you are a manager of eng orgs, go get a copy.

Just found this article about my favorite new wine shop

Their philosophy matches so much of what I like in wine, and y'all should go check them out.

Ranting about grammar is, yes, unfortunately classist, but only because our education system is broken. Also, in conversation/text with friends, say whatever you want! I say "ain't" and "y'all," because that's my culture. There's a time for conformity, and daily life ain't it.
@mishellbaker This is also a huge peeve of mine. It has ceased to be a pet peeve and is now a kind of peeve-Cerberus g…

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