Related to previous tweets... at PyConAU 2018 people were talking about their multi-country power adapter and travel cord management systems... who has recs?

I think I remember,,, and having opinions here?

Friends who have gone to Japan recently (specifically Tokyo):

What should I know before going?

I have hotel, I'm not really leaving Tokyo proper much, what's the "existing in Japan" things I should know?

Calling in to the Box Office is consistently the best customer service experience I have.

The combination of knowledgeable, empowered agents and a system that has thoughtful options hits that sweet spot of empathetic and efficient.


In the style of

Like, I have a report who has a regular nanny. I'm pretty sure that $5k pre-tax is laughable.

2012 Philip thought FSAs were weird.

2019 Philip thinks FSAs are actively sickening.

$5000 limit for dependent care. That's, what, less than a month of daycare in the Bay Area?

The yearly Open Enrollment presentation is a really good litmus test of:

"How far left have my beliefs moved in the last year?"

It’s reds day for Level 2.

A day of drinking red wine, followed by an hour test.

Dionysus grant me strength 😂🙏 @ Napa Valley Wine Academy

Gettin’ ready for’s Level 2 certification. @ Napa Valley Wine Academy

A bag of gold to whoever at can implement the “All Unreads” feature on mobile.

It’s been two years. Please.

Hmm… kind of want to find people to watch His Dark Materials with tonight… anyone already got a thing going?

OH: I don’t normally gender kubernetes, but ok

Hey ! Want to help artists and open source maintainers get paid?

Come talk to me about working at!

Hey ! Myself and a and an are at McNears if anyone’s around.

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