I would pay an extra $100 a year to @Ancestry if they would provide me API access or ES cluster query access.

"show me all the relatives with my birthday" should be a trivial query -- currently impossible.

(h/t to @EricaJoy for getting me on the geneology train)

I’ve lived in the Bay Area my whole life.

This is the wildest fireworks night I can remember.

Anyone in my followers actually staying up for the midnight drop?

The Last Word (and its variants) are as close to perfection as we can achieve on this earth.

Who has a book recommendation for the history of the SF / Bay Area music scene?

Who got famous here? What got made here? What could’ve only happened here?

Sometimes I’m walking through my city and I get side-swiped by casual, ignorant disparity.

Any of my followers work at @coinbase and want to unlock me for Coinbase Earn?

I think that's a really neat model, and want to play with incentives-based guided learning from a product perspective.

Is it a controversial opinion amongst my followers that I’m not sad about SSC going away?

(If you don’t know that acronym, this tweet isn’t for you but I still like you a lot 💚)

Here's a fun game.

Subtract the number of bands on sfoutsidelands.com/lineup/#/ you've heard of without googling from 71 (the total number) to get your age.

I am 66.

Does anyone else think that we only find the idea of baking bread at home interesting because Western industrial capitalism has separated us from a bedrock of civilization that is still practiced by billions?

jk lol look at this sweet loaf!

Another story that we shouldn't forget: polygon.com/2020/6/23/21300435

It turns out a "card game for terrible people" had, well, terrible people as its leadership.

Hey @github changed their design! So shiny! So cool!

You know what would cost less than a new design?

Stop working with ICE, stop helping monsters put children in cages, listen to @githubbers, your own damn employees.

"We're getting rid of the old electrified rocks to introduce our new product:

Different electrified rocks!"

I will happily pay for a full year of @squarespace at full price right now if someone from their marketing team is willing to explain how sponsoring every podcast and youtube channel under the sun makes sense for their marketing budget.

I want a slide deck, with numbers.

honestly, if you follow me and and still have your faith, or if you grew up in a Christian household, and you think issues of race don't affect you, I beg of you to watch this video.

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I grew up watching Veggies Tales, to the point where I have most of the songs memorized.

Their creator is speaking out about systemic injustice, and I am here for it.


"This is 99% indiscernible."

"I'm Greek Ares."

Surprising possibly everyone, a good thing happened on reddit today.

The good thing was @hooleil gave an AMA and answered the IMPORTANT questions.

cc @tiffysniffs

I want to play all the games from the @itchio Bundle for Racial Justice.

I'm selecting a random game on a regular basis, streaming it, and having friends make the in-game choices.

Tonight: Playing @Twoflower's Arcade Spirits with @liamdanger.

7PM PST: twitch.tv/therealphildini

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