Watching the @MBMBaM live show, and this glitch art of the Brothers makes me want a Stardew Valley reskinned with the entire McElroy family.

This is now a @Scholf_A_Loaf stan account, and he may have convinced me to join tiktok for this good leftist anime content.

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I'm at that stage of my life where I find it odd that I can't find any Napa Chardonnay in my collection.

Related to previous, watch this:

As someone who also has a small stutter, boy do I recognize and empathize with the speech patterns here.

Human. And better for it.

Literally all of my thoughts about Biden as a public speaker were changed by that article about him having a stutter.

He's human. I love that.

Tonight I got to be part of an Open Source miracle.

Someone joined GH (!) to file an issue letting us know our "Hurdle" math was wrong on

An hour later, a PR I wrote with their math got merged.

The math now correctly shows Biden's hurdle being lower.

Hey folks! Come celebrate Halloween with me, by joining a special edition of The One Who Got Away. We're going to be talking about our fears in a safe space, and I'd love for you to listen or join.

Hey folks. Come hang out with me and some chill beats while my 3d printer prints up a surprise.

This afternoon I'm getting housework done with this on the TV:

It's relaxing as hell to watch a 3d print happening with chill beats in the background.

Chill out, focus, chase the blues away, watch some plstic melt into an airpods dock:

Sharing this might win you one, ping me 💖

Back with some afternoon beats as I print some kitchenaid attachment holders for @liamdanger

Printing a little something for my desk while chilling to some lo-fi beats.

This could be yours, if you watch...

My long-awaited voter guide is here! Covering the City of Alameda, the County of Alameda, the State of California, and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

RTs appreciated.

This is gonna be a nice long one. I think we're about halfway done, so grab a drink and chill with me for a bit.

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