The sheer amount of collective action and striking happening right now is one of the few silver linings to this dark time.

I have not verified this data. If it's accurate, it's wild and disturbing.

Hi folks! and I made a fun little slack app to help us see each other's faces more in this time of social distancing.

It's called VictoryPic.

It's free right now, we'd love for you to check it out and RT.

Well, shucks. Even though I was expecting the news, the cancellation still hurts.

Hoping for some great community remote content to come out of this, and please donate to if you're available.

Hi friends. I'm putting together a list of bottleshops and wineries that are offering discounts as a result of .

The first people to get the list and updates will for sure be subscribers to


Every winery under the sun is offering discounts and home delivery to stay afloat right now.

On the one hand, I'm worried for these wineries surviving.

On the other hand these wines are going so cheap I could fill my house.

Weather in the Bay Area trying to give us some hope this morning.

Thanks to some truly incredible efforts by GitHub user toothbrush, is now using separate data files for new companies.

Having just closed or merged 130 PRs on, I wish GitHub had a "merge all and let god sort it out" button.

Companies: 472
Events: 165
Universities: 16

Someone who follows me on this site must know how to do tooltips on a static site right? needs tooltips in a powerful way.

I’ll drop a thank-you link on the site (140k uniques and counting) to anyone who can solve this.

RTs appreciated.

Hi. I've added some counts to

- Tracking 271 companies
- 114 requiring WFH
- 141 encouraging WFH

- Tracking 143 events
- 51 cancelled

RTs and PRs continue to be gratefully accepted.

We've reached another :lolsob: milestone with

We have more companies (127) than events (120) being tracked.

For the morning crowd, and I made an app to help us all feel more connected to our teams.

Sign up to be on the launch list, and RTs gratefully accepted.

A lot of us are WFH suddenly, and not seeing your team every day can be hard.

To help with this, and I built:

Now you can see your team's photo reactions to tiny victories, right in Slack. Signup to learn when we launch, and please RT.

Hot damn this plan from on their response plan to a pandemic is incredible.


A somewhat-grim milestone for

We're tracking 100 companies that have enacted some change in policy as a result of

Hey friends. If I just don't want to deal with AWS, but want to run a small CRUD app, what's my best alternative to heroku these days?

Hello friends. is tracking:

- 53 companies
- 81 events

changing due to (PRs still gratefully accepted)

28k unique visitors in the past 24h 😱

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