Wine folk question: Should flat champagne still be a good still wine?

Did Daysog just imply we should play chicken with the state housing law enforcement?

Oh hey look. City Staff calling out that our Charter is in violation of State Law. If only we could have voted on a measure to prevent this.

There we go! THS' favorite phrase back again.

"Workforce housing"!

Whose workforce? No one knows! But not the workforce that needs affordable.

Daysog pushing for more comment while JKW pushes to move faster is so confusing... it's like Daysog doesn't _want_ to get to his referral item.

I swear that sometime this council seems more contentious with each other than during the worst of the THS years.

So @gaylonparsons beat me to pre-gaming , but I'll ask:

Bets on longest item by clock time?

Hey folks! Do you live in:

CA, NYC, MI, IL, VA, NJ, or GA?

Each of these states have volunteer groups I know tracking vaccine availability. Wanna get involved? Reach out to me.

Don't see you state and want to start something? Let's chat!

RTs appreciated.

Hey @AlexPadilla4CA your official Senate office voicemail box is full. I'm a constituent who tried to call and couldn't leave a message.

There it is! I had missed Daysog's famous nonsense phrase, "mom and pop landlords"

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I think by Trish's gaslighting definition, none of the sessions she presided over as Mayor counted as public participation.

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I think CM Daysog might be trying to collect as many No votes as possible in a single term.

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Am I reading Daysog's complaint right? There's already 9 units on the plot, they want to allow for 3 more, Daysog has complaints?!?

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JKW making it clear that has some actual rules around surveillance requirements that staff needs to meet.

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