Hey friends. If someone wanted to see the upcoming Django roadmap, where would they go?

Googling "Django Roadmap" produces odd results, and I couldn't find anything on djangoproject.org.

(RTs appreciated if you don't know but are also curious!)

Does being a good manager require more pessimism about the future or more optimism about the future?

(The binary is deliberate.)

Btw, if you want to join a smaller company that thinks a lot about the best of the internet and how to build community around that, come join us at @burbteam.

We have chats like this frequently, and then try to build products that respect those chats.

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There's a feeling of sustainability in @automattic's approach that I hope remains. They're showing a way to be a big tech company (1900 strong!?!) that feels like an alternate universe from MANGA, praise the sun.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk, and find me on @tumblr


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Another piece of proof here is: automattic.com/work-with-us/jo

(drew don't hate me for posting someone else's job link)

A SWE hired for the purpose of helping hiring? What. An. Idea.

That post links to a great post about the mgmt-eng pendulum, hosted on @WordPress of course.


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So @automattic's opportunity is: get the people creating the web's best to use their products while respecting both its users and the people who run those products.

This (h/t @rosemaryforyou) is the opposite of a particular shop run by a race car driver in the Midwest.


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The fact that every 3rd ad on @tumblr is for an @automattic product speaks to this! As @broderick frequently reminds me, the media ecosystem revolves around Twitter, but a staggering amount of the culture of this site comes from regular injections of @tumblr


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I think this is intentional! I hope it is. It speaks to a strategy at @automattic that I think goes like this:

"We're going to be a complete place for creating and consuming the best of the web. Our brand matters less than folks having the best time on the web possible."


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Every third ad on @tumblr for me is for an @automattic product. Please go look at the list of their products right now: automattic.com/

Surprised by how much is there? Me too! What's more surprising is how few of them I knew were Automattic products.


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One of my responses to the Apartheid Mars Prince trying to buy this site has been to get back into @tumblr. (Tumblr is still pretty great btw, give it another chance).

A side effect of this has been peeking into the @automattic universe. Which has been _fascinating_.


Well. They did it. @griffinmcelroy measuring the parsecs between @MBMBaM and God's light while @JustinMcElroy and @travismcelroy talked about Drippy the Sentient Grease Drip getting jiggy with Lightning McQueen made me laugh so hard I doubled my @MaxFunHQ membership

You animals

The Unberable Weight of Massive Talent is GOOD

It is endlessly frustrating to see people giving the mars prince "wins" when he doesn't actually own this site yet.

Attention Wandering Shoppers.

I have made accounts approval-based (instead of closed reg) for today and possibly longer. If you have friends looking for a place, feel free to direct them here.

Tip for people seeing friends join counter.social -- it is not a good fediverse neighbor! Myself and a bunch of other admins blocked it a couple years ago because the people who were running it were unfriendly to the point of abusive!

They admit to some of this (1/2)

Hello hello hello. So great to see you all here. Maybe do some s for the new folk?

Who at @Apple do I need to pay off to have a CarPlay voice memo app that will use my car's mic setup like a phone call?

I made more poetry, and it’s for sale at the @GalaxyBrainCo store. @ Alameda, California instagram.com/p/CctMnmtPTGO/?i

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