I am in you! In the bar because I’ve got a bunch of stuff I can’t store yet. Come say hi!

You too could write for Adult Juice Box, and I would love you too. We pay writers a percentage of sales, and I'd love for more non-dudes to contribute.

If you'd like to see Adult Juice Box carried in your local wine shop, let me know! Or better yet, have them reach out to me.

Next issue will probably be coming out in July, with design and writing from the excellent @liamdanger@twitter.com.

It's currently at DecantSF in SoMA, an amazing women-run wine shop in the old City Beer space that you should give all your money to.

I will also be at this weekend if you want to pick up a hand-made zine about wine to go with your boardgaming.

The first issue is all about how to taste wine for your own enjoyment, and discover more about what you like.

It also includes cut-up poetry from a wine label!

The first issue of the Adult Juice Box zine is available now, exclusively at DecantSF in SoMa or by finding me directly.

I wanted there to be a zine about enjoying wine for yourself, without pretension, so I made one.

Congrats to all my friends @github@twitter.com for the launch today! github.com/sponsors

Super timely with discussion like those from @freakboy3742@twitter.com’s keynote about finding open source.

I’m excited to see how much funding the software we all rely on gets as a result of this.

Y'all, if you lead teams having an executive coach is life-changing.

Almost as essential as therapy.

(And yes, if you lead teams therapy is an essential)

cc @lydialaurenson@twitter.com 💚

It was a great night, I recorded my talk for posterity, I linked the New Modality post in the notes.

I gave a talk last night at a friend's birthday party and magazine launch about Ursula LeGuin, Star Trek, and how the arts might help us achieve a post-scarcity society.

I hope you enjoy it, and RTs welcome.


Every time I listen to @DarrenKorb@twitter.com's Pyre soundtrack, I want to play Pyre again.

Hi friends! Do you want to build the APIs and tools that help fans fund creators? Come join the team at :


Hi internet friends. I have a very dear friend with over a decade of technical writing experience who is likely to get deported in the next month unless they can find a job.

Anyone looking for technical writers in the Bay Area?

Continuing my "Philip beats con crud with videos" series, watching the talk from @DrMattyG@twitter.com (I think that's his twitter) about fighting climate change with Python. 😳


The fact that I have to choose between @xoxo@twitter.com and @PyColorado@twitter.com is cruel.

Continuing my "beating Con Crud" through videos this morning, let's watch @terriko@twitter.com's talk about Python Security


I’m slowly getting better at making coffee that tastes as good as it smells.

And I'm finishing my "Phildini beats con crud" with @simonw@twitter.com's talk about datassette! youtube.com/watch?v=pTr1uLQTJN

I'm continuing my "Phildini beats con crud by watching videos" (boy I need a better hashtag) with @roguelynn@twitter.com's Asyncio talk


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