Currently watching an incredible talk by @mccrmx at where he's writing a roguelike in JS in about 100 lines of code, using @rot_js -- details here!

So claims I have already missed a day, and, in deep cheugy fashion, I would like to speak with the manager.

Hey, so @ptychomancer's is a wild run on what a video game is and how we think about bugs within the context of games.

Rules don't exist! Context is everything!

So @drewdil just showed how to do course progress in @ConvertKit through Sequence automations, and is setting up course Module 2 about Animal Crossing. 😂

Hey @drewdil and I are live right now on the @burbteam twitch stream -- building a Drip email campaign in @ConvertKit

>>> True == 1
>>> True is 1
<stdin>:1: SyntaxWarning: ...
>>> int(True) is 1
<stdin>:1: SyntaxWarning: ...

Spent all day trying to think of a non-cheugy . Too hung over.

Tonight’s intense kitchen cleaning is being paired with a lovely red blend

I have a responsibility to oppose all forms of individual and institutionalized racism toward all people but especially toward Indigenous peoples.

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I recognize the historic discrimination and violence inflicted upon Indigenous peoples in California and the Americas, including their forced removal from ancestral lands, and the deliberate and systematic destruction of their communities and culture.

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For my today, I am recognizing and remembering that:

I am located in Huichin, the area also known as Alameda/Oakland, on the unceded territories of the Chochenyo people, who have continuously lived upon this land since time immemorial.

While I desperately wish I could delete my Facebook account, I'm choosing not to for reasons similar to why I'm doing .

But I can make Facebook better, by getting rid of the NewsFeed. How? by unfollowing every group, page, and friend. (Not unfriending!)

Feels good.

Did you know I also co-own a creative studio in SF?

We ( @GalaxyBrainCo ) made some stickers based on …current events… where I did the design and Liam printed on our risograph?

RT if you would want one of these

Hey! Me and @drewdil are live with the @burbteam Twitch stream:

Anyway, for the next hundred days at least, I'm here and engaging more. Say hello! 💚

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And I also think, with infinite h/t to @EricaJoy for the tip, that twitter without retweets is Best Twitter™.

The incredible @b0rk made a tool for making this easier:

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I will say that I still think being hyper aware of how much and what kind of media you're consuming is important (I am not good at this, to be clear)

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