OH: there's a lot of interesting shit happening on tiktok and I wish I didn't have to use tiktok to see it

I've been riding riding AC Transit for my entire life.

I'm ashamed @rideact tried to cease-and-desist a Board candidate for using AC Transit's own logo.


It's incredibly disturbing that I watched Bigtop Burger on YouTube once then @Spotify put some @Worthikids into my Discover Weekly.

Time to swear off all music and video sites forever.

Hey, I literally can't think of a more important election in my lifetime, so I beg of you to please vote:


The Dune trailer is great, and, honestly, props to Warner Bros for re-creating Arrakis in California as part of the drop.

Hey this rules: site created by a kid to encourage kids to get their parents to vote kidvoice.org/

Hello, and thank you for coming to my TED talk titled "Why every character in Too Like The Lightning is actually an anime dere"

Over the next 300 minutes, I will-

OH: "It's like a dunk tank for our mouths"

I'd like to thank @RobChahin for sharing this very important content with me, which I now share with the universe composed of @tiffysniffs and @liamdanger


Cool the actual Phone App has stopped working on my iPhone. @Apple, paragons of quality.

Apparently frog-and-toad-core is a thing, which I think means I can finally cash in this prime content for cred with the youth:


I listen to @MBMBaM and I’ve seen Patch Adams multiple times.

Is there ever a time someone says “do what you think best” where they don’t mean “go fuck yourself”?

What I really want from Epic v. Apple is for Judge Alsup to preside, for us to pay @sarahjeong to be in his courtroom and write about it, and for both parties to walk away unhappy.

Using jumbojets to fight fires is the wildest fucking shit.

How can I convince all my progessive politics folk to stop using Nationbuilder?

So this thing is for sure wilder and more interesting than I thought it would be: youtube.com/watch?v=f0rDLvg-Lf

HALYX: That time Disney made a Star-Wars inspired rock band.

My deep fascination with business entertainment (I did work for @Patreon) leads me to say:

I would pay $100 gladly for a look at the tax returns of the @McElroyFamily empire.

Is it just me or is the music video for TMBG's Birdhouse in Your Soul a parody of the music video for Total Eclipse of the Heart?

My @RobinhoodApp investment strategy:

1. Exclusively get shares in companies with upcoming shareholder meetings where "employee board representation" is an item for vote

2. Vote "yes".

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