“And therefore never send to know for whomst the Death Cab Cuties; it Cuties for thee.”

“And therefore never send to know for whomst the jimmies rustle; they rustle for thee.”

Why do I have this idea in my head that either @ubernostrum@twitter.com or @tylerdave@twitter.com is planning a baseball excursion during . If I’m making this up, then, hey, wanna see a padres game?

So… who else in SF doesn’t have power right now?

I posted about @djangocon@twitter.com on that Django forum @andrewgodwin@twitter.com started:


Hope to see you all next week!

It’s one of those amazing Bay Area nights where the fog is high enough to see the tops of the Bay Bridge, bit low enough to hide Salesforce Tower.

If you want to make zines or art ABOUT or the games and music on display I especially want to talk to you.

Hey if you’re at and you make or want to make zines or art, I both make zines and will soon have a risograph, let’s chat!

If you’re not at the WrestleRock panel at you’re missing out.

Just blogged about RFC-196, which is an early email-like protocol that is literally the opposite of those "think of the environment before printing this email" corporate signatures. Instead it explicitly encourages early ARPANET sites to have a printer constantly online and printing out all incoming mail messages!


Remember when I said I was running a kickstarter? Yeah, about that… kickstarter.com/projects/adult

(We cancelled because of Kickstarter's union-busting, and we're redirecting to our Patreon)

Get yourself a union.

Pictured: Emma Kinema of Game Workers Unite.

Are you a DEVELOPER?
Do you want someone to ADVOCATE for you?
I will advocate for you SO VERY MUCH
because that is now my JOB
at LaunchDarkly!

(today was my first day and they are all lovely and I am excited)

(thank you)

This photo of me doing karaoke at XOXO has strong orb energy

Just subscribed to @LeftAtLondon@twitter.com’s “Wine, please”, and the chances of a recommendation ending up in @adult_juice_box@twitter.com is very high.

It would be cool if powerful institutions took the abuse of women/girls seriously BEFORE Ronan Farrow covers the story.

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