Friends. I need a honey hook-up. That sounds weirder than it is... I want local honey, in high amounts. Like I would buy a gallon (or trade homemade beer/mead for it) if someone had a supplier for that.

Who knows someone who knows someone, or is maybe themselves an apiarist?

Hey. You know what I just got excited about?

It’s almost baseball season.

Friends who do ruby rails development at use VSCode: Is there any way to get "go to definition" to open up the definitions for gems?

If you're a devout Christian, and you marry again after a spouse dies, doesn't that mean you're polyamorous in heaven?

Checkmate, evangelicals.

I'm speaking at next month about Mastodon and ActivityPub and Python.

I have 25 free tickets... if you want one take it!

Hi folks! I’m hiring a senior frontend engineer with fullstack tendencies (stay tuned for a junior req later this quarter):

If you’re interested, please apply and/or DM me.

I'm really excited to be here, and want you with me. 💚

To be clear, I’m not advocating re-writing all your vendors in-house.

I’m saying build a facade you control around them and you suddenly get to make more interesting product decisions and uptime decisions.

Every block of secret keys in your server environment is a microservice waiting to happen.

It’s already a service you don’t control; you choose how long you tolerate their failures affecting your business.

Blessings be upon the house of McElroy for dropping a new episode on the first day of my new job.

Turning the trash (of my Monday commute) into gold.

And if you have thoughts on how Trim could make you, personally, more financially healthy, please send me an email.

We're in this for everyone, and everyone includes you.



I want to make you more successful, too, internet reader.

If you're an engineer or a product manager, I want to talk to you about working at Trim.

If you're a former 18f or CFPB team member, doubly so.

We are hiring, email


Stretching my wings: I'm joining as Head of Engineering, leading a team of superb engineers working on the challenges I listed above.

I think I can make an impact here in a number of ways, mostly by making everyone at Trim, but especially then engineers, more successful.


Potential: Trim exists to improve financial health, currently by saving people money.

There are millions of Americans paying more than they need to be on their bills.

We can help people be more financially secure, with the same paycheck they have today.

That's huge.


Hi folks! Today was my first day at as Head of Engineering, and I wrote a little bit about why I joined:

tl;dr: A combination of me getting to stretch my wings AND working on a product that I think has massive potential.


Hey friends. What’s the haps in blogging these days? What are people excited about for blogging tech?

I’m halfway tempted to spin up a WordPress again, but feel like or or might have kit they like better?

With two days left to go, I think I did ok with my winter break reading list. The work continues after life re-starts on the 6th.

Oh so we’re in THAT timeline from Jo Walton’s My Real Children.

2010s, 2/2:

Worked at
Spoke at 12 conferences in 5 countries
Became an Engineering Manager
Started and with

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