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Playing with this via @janellecshane and one fun thing is to watch the algorithm change as you type! Here's a GIF

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I'm not seeing any of the content-warning meta in my feed but it's like... you know when you're having a conversation with someone and you bring up a topic and a few words in you can see that they're annoyed or uncomfortable or just uninterested so you switch to talking about something else? CWs are a way of doing that same thing in an asynchronous medium (like mastodon) where you change your speech in real time in response to how people are reacting—you have to anticipate that reaction instead

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If you're still having trouble understanding the point of CWs... Show more

lol the library just threatened to send me to collections if I didn't return the books I have even though I got zero overdue notices for them today is going GREAT

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cool cool cool cool Acast's refusal to do a 301 redirect on my RSS feed means that people who listen on Stitcher haven't been getting episodes either cool great yep great no problem

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bad work feelings Show more

I'm in this stage of working on this story map right now

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Just to be on the safe side here, it decided to fill the entire planet with sheep texture.

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I'm morbidly curious to see all the ways people eventually manage to turn Mastodon instances to the dark side.

You could set up a Mastodon instance for free, grow it to be huge, and then sell all the instance's data for money. You could do all kinds of weird shit.

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I think my favourite IT story (not mine) is the server that needed to be rebooted whenever it froze completely. The mcguyver solution? Get an old pc with a CD drive, and every time it loses connection to the server it ejects the CD tray, which has a poking stick attached, which hits the reset button.

The line between genius and insanity was definitely blurry there.

#programming #humor #funny

I really need to find a hobby of some kind in which I am making physical things, away from a computer. Maybe sewing? Or woodworking? Or sculpting or something? How depressing is it to admit that I literally do not have a hobby????

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whenever an editor encourages me to send in weird ideas I wonder if they really know what they're getting themselves into

I guess I never really made it public or official but I live in the Bay Area now. If you're here and wanna say hi/get a drink/show me something cool here, hit me up?