tried to procrastinate by considering which domain name to buy for a new project and wound up in a panic that I might have to change the project's name entirely good job me!!

I've been trying to schedule with a tattoo artist for over a year and now she's famous and I'm ready to give up.

I'm way too short to wear a trench coat and I don't have $180 but wow do I want this

There's this academic book I need to read for research. It's on a subject I am EXTREMELY interested in. But the writing is so dense and every time I try I feel frustrated and like an idiot and it's sooooo slow going and demoralizing.

I unlinked by masto and my Twitter account and it feels great

Yes this is very selfish! I'm prioritizing my professional success over a statement about the ethics of FB's business practices. I feel bad about that! But I also can't just throw out the main tools I use to make money without a backup plan?

I'm stoked to see so many friends bail on Twitter and FB! It's great. I'd love to see media entities push back on the power they give FB both institutionally and personally. When editors stop relying on Twitter as a way to find writers, when publishing companies stop using Twitter as a success metric, then maybe I could leave!

I would love to leave FB. I would love to leave Twitter. I can't. Not if I want to (successfully) continue doing my job as a journalist/producer/independent person. If I want Flash Forward to succeed and find listeners, I need FB. If I want editors to remember who I am, I need Twitter. It shouldn't be the responsibility of independents to push publishing/media away from the hell that is Twitter/FB.

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I have neglected this space recently! I'm not sure how it fits into my social media life quite yet.

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Today Bandcamp is donating 100% of their share of profits to the Voting Right Project. What are some albums you like that are on Bandcamp?

I of course recommend @deerful's new album of live coded synth pop

Also recommend Circuit Des Yeux's Reaching for Indigo, beautiful music that I find hard to classify

Y'ALL! The amazing @darius made a Flash Forward activity pub thingy AKA you can get Flash Forward RSS updates on Mastodon! → → → @flash_forward

hey everyone writing code: you can't get around this. code does not exist in a noble mathematical void which absolves you of accountability. any system which people touch is tied into the fabric of society, and should be scrutinized for potential to do harm.

How to make a racist AI without really trying

"... the sentiment is generally more positive for…

I signed up to play soccer on a team where I don’t know anybody because I missed playing and I honestly feel so nervous about showing up that I feel like I might puke

Also if anybody has song requests please, I'm all ears. This is very soothing to me.

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