woke up from a nap and can't really see out of my left eye? cool!

generally my rule is that if it's going to take longer on the train to get to an event, than the event itself, then I am allowed to skip

Me, defending Fleabag, a show I have never watched and will never watch

Love it when it's nearly 3pm and you're just finally starting on your "main task" for the day

You know how there's a "rule of the internet" that: "if you can imagine it, there's porn of it"

Is there a similar rule like "anything dystopian you can imagine, a techbro somewhere is non-ironically trying to make into reality"? Because

big reporting day today and I'm nervous 😬

This is the kind of shit that I would once Tweet and then immediately delete because people would start getting pissy in my mentions!

As a journalist it baffles me that my colleagues seem to think that these are stories that rise to the level of "newsworthy." If someone pitched them a story from a field that isn't media that basically went "hey, this woman was supposed to be really great, turns out she's just kind of average," they'd be like "okay who cares." But because these women are vaguely their competitors and peers it's worth 10,000 words?

I refuse to read the various pieces about Lauren Duca or Caroline Calloway because white women being mediocre is not worthy of this much coverage.

Way way way back in season ONE of Flash Forward I did an episode about what would happen if we got rid of all the mosquitoes on the planet. One of the plans floated back then was to use genetic engineering to make them infertile. After that episode went out, a biotech company tried that. It... has not gone according to plan. gizmodo.com/genetically-modifi

Good article, I just wish they also addressed the elephant in the room: TV folks are now using podcasts as a test bed for things they want to turn back into TV. nytimes.com/2019/09/13/arts/fi

Love to be chatting with tech support and have them send you a link to their company’s internal wiki which you’re 100% not supposed to have access to. Definitely a good sign!!!!

I am extremely easily scared and very much dislike spoopy fall except for candy corn which I mainline for the next few months (especially the pumpkins!)

okay now that the cat is sort of out of the bag a tiny bit, I'll ~~soft launch~~ this patreon.com/roseeveleth (not posting on on Twitter or FB or anything... yet.... ack!)

I'm so sorry to the xoxo.zone slack I usually Tweet a lot but I'm not on Twitter anymore and now I'm just monopolizing this poor instance.

Dumb question @annika is there a way to provide alt-text on images in this here thing?

I moved my butt vase into my office and just realized, mid-video meeting, that ... everybody on this call can see it

I mentioned my secret not-yet-launched personal patreon on the Flash Forward bonus podcast this week, talking about all my anxieties around making it public, and TWO listeners have found it and donated already 😭😭😭

last night I dreamed that I built a database of Who? Weekly whos and thems, with references to which episode each person shows up in

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