Remember when NUMTOTS didn't consist entirely of Communists shouting at other Communists for not being Communist enough?

I may be interpreting this incorrectly, but I believe that my router has selected a new pope.

Can you even imagine if there were advertisements that pandered to us queers the way that ads mercilessly pander to straight men during football games?

Oh no. I think undertale was overhyped to me... I don't really like this at all.

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The most excellent and lamentable tragedy of Flat UI Design, in two acts.

I like how everybody complains about youth turnout like it's a problem with one specific generation.

Spoiler: Youth get older. The people who aren't voting this time aren't the people who didn't vote last time.

I don't understand how this seemingly-obvious fact is literally NEVER brought up.

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I'm just now realizing that the phone I had in 2007 had a notch.

I'm the only one not in my office's Mega Millions pool.

I figure I'll either end up with $2 more in my pocket, or have a really good bargaining position for negotiating a raise.

stupid, fragile men 

Ironically, Microsoft might be the only major tech company that _hasn't_ successfully pulled off the "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" thing.

Pretty sure none of us saw that coming.

Surprised by the lukewarm reaction to the Chrome Slate.

When it launches, it's going to be (FAR AND AWAY) the best Linux laptop/tablet on the market (assuming the touted ability to run real Desktop Linux apps holds true).

I can see them selling a lot of them to developers who want something other than a MacBook.

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Want to try KDE stuff on something quite different? Haiku, an open source system inspired by BeOS, has just turned beta after 6 years of development and bug-squashing. Many KDE apps work out of the box!

Finally took the plunge and bought a desktop PC to replace my aging 2011 MacBook.

So far:

1) Linux on the desktop isn't bad. Granted, I had to install a prerelease kernel and video drivers -- but it was surprisingly painless.

2) The high-end Intel NUCs are the machines we've been asking Apple to build for decades. It's a screaming-fast machine in the Mac Mini form factor, but with better expandability. The build quality is incredible.

3) This thing has a SKULL on it. Are we the baddies?

Sci-Fi: Earth / The Galaxy / The Universe are dangerously overpopulated! Humanity keeps expanding!

Also Sci-Fi: Literally nobody has more than two children.

Gripe: Why is it not possible to buy a wallet that *doesn't* block RFID?

Do none of these people use public transit?

I still don't understand the myth of the local bike shop. Got some ridiculous attitude when I bought a tube (and got called "young man" in the process).

As if the flat tire wasn't enough.

Modest proposal. The locomotive/railcar emoji should have ligatures (ie. couplers) so you can make a real train.


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