(I mean cane sugar - there are of course many kinds of sugar and other sweeteners used before)

Somehow what trips me up the most is imagining desserts made without sugar

My absolutely favorite part of my Heian history class was talking about the food

Yeah give me the chance and I'll try and cook an eleventh century Japanese court menu just because

I wish we'd get more than just the BBC shows like this, I know NHK does similar stuff and I have no doubt other countries have them too

What's bad is I've been watching Lords and Ladles and it makes me wish I were in a cooking club for recreating historical menus even though I don't really want to eat most of it ๐Ÿ˜‚

Thinly sliced roast pork tenderloin, ham, Dijon mustard, aioli, pickled apples, Swiss cheese, arugula, on toasted ciabatta

I made them with serrano peppers so they have a bit of heat (not too much) and I way reduced the sugar so it's just enough that the apples still taste like apple

I think I'll just skip it this week, I was already planning on doing a riff on cubanos with the pickled apples I made for an event that I ended up missing because of pain stuff

It just annoys me when people act like soy sauce and fish sauce are interchangeable

Even soy sauce comes in more varieties (I always have at least two on hand)

It doesn't have fish sauce either, and I mean, I guess I sort of understand because it's a vegan recipe

But I can actually get vegan "fish" sauce at the Vietnamese market here

Not thrilled that this cookbook cooking club I joined is starting with Thug Kitchen and the recipe chosen is pad thai and it is the most Americanized version possible - it doesn't even have tamarind ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

I wasn't sure at first whether this fortune meant between me and Chinese food or me and @arianabeewitch@twitter.com and I think my conclusion is it's both

My PS4 died again

So now I have a Star Wars PS4 to tide me over while it gets repaired again

What the hell though

He also told me that being an abuse survivor meant that I was more inclined to see abuse where there was none so basically his whole thing is how he can disqualify any insights from experiences he's never had

And then he told me that I was disrespecting him because I said he couldn't ever know as much about sexism because he doesn't experience it directly in the same way ๐Ÿ™„

We once had an argument because he refused to believe that women are told to smile more or that sexism is involved in telling them to smile

Every time I read a thing about horribly biased AI language analysis I think of my shitty brother because that's his field and if he's typical (I suspect he is) then it's really no surprise how much bias is embedded

"Oysters are the marmite of the shellfish world"

I am not too sure about that comparison lol

tbh fuck the "no screens before sleep" insomnia advice

I'm sure it works for some people, it did not help me and actively undercuts my sleep strategies

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