We're having a potluck at work tomorrow and I wanted to make sure to bring things my vegan coworkers can eat so I made gingerbread cake and Sichuan green beans.

Very proud of this veganized version of the Smitten Kitchen gingerbread snack cake I just made with olive oil instead of butter. It turned out so good!

I can't believe I'm considering playing another MMO

People who only complain that a brand's sizing isn't "inclusive" when they don't carry smaller sizes... You don't give a shit about fat people. Or inclusive sizing.

I took them off and he's now bundled up in them. I guess I really do need to get a second set for me lol

Teto is really mad that I took the fuzzy pajamas and put them on me

I love movie soundtracks but I rarely listen to video game music (Control was an exception)... I don't know why

I am gonna make some nice soup for dinner and play some Beat Saber and watch my floofy Korean drama about the ghost hotel and do whatever crying needs to be done

I did not cry during therapy today but now I feel like crying 5 hours later and I'm not even sure why

The problem with being sore is that it makes it harder to sleep

I feel like playing Beat Saber tonight was a mistake because I was so sore... but I would have been sad to not play

I want to do foodie holiday gifts this year and I am completely torn on whether to do candy or cookies. Maybe both? Seems like a lot. I also kind of wanted to do caramel sauce, hot sauce and lime curd for my sister and her family.

Of course, I'd have to re-dye my hair to escape the green now so yeah, I'm just embracing it as part of my aesthetic

I also used to try and avoid wearing red and/or green around this time of year because people would think I was being intentionally Christmassy but now I don't care. I love red and green and I will wear them. Christmas has nothing to do with me lol

I wore red plaid jeans to my hair appointment on Saturday and my stylist said I should also have green ones (to match my hair) which I agree would be cool but I have been unable to find any.

How many pairs of red jeans do I need?

All of them lol

The Matrix (1999) taught us a valuable lesson. If someone deadnames you, then you should hit them with a train

There is a green velvet suit calling my name. I do not know where I would wear it but I believe I can find an occasion.

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