Also this is the kind of thing that some people probably do NOT want to be surprised by, although I guess the no spoiler people assume traumatized folx can take care of ourselves ๐Ÿ™„

Everyone else: it's really best if I don't explain the premise, the show is so much better if you don't know the twist
Me: I bet it's [blah]

Me: Yup, it's blah. I don't understand how knowing this ruins the experience. People are weird.

"I'm a they pronoun person and I say that people should avoid using they in this construction"

that's. not how this works.

oh dear, there are spiderweb docs

I'm supposed to own these I think

Staying up late because you're afraid you won't be able to sleep is counter-productive

At least now I know that and I can work on making that space for myself again.

But watching Samin sharing her love of cooking and food with her friends and talking about how important it is to her that both the food and the process of making the food be shared reminded me that this is something that I love too. It's mostly missing from my life right now.

I had to learn to cook for ME for my own pleasure in the process and the result, in making sure I was happy and satisfied and free to express myself in that way.

I've done a lot of work over the past couple of years to figure out what will make me at home in my life, in my body, with my friends, at work, etc. I haven't been sure where cooking for others fit in, because it has so often been twisted or abused in the past.

I cried at the end of the last episode of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.

I'm a little shocked at how much I've done in this game already

I've met all of the fairies now and figured out snowling... I guess now I'm just looking for all the shrines and sidequests left until I'm bored and feel like doing more Divine Beasts?

Those past hurts are a reminder that these are things that can hurt you and anyone who wants you not to learn those lessons only wants to hurt you again.

We call the masks of past relationships "baggage" and talk like we're supposed to leave it behind. But those bags are full of lessons and the biggest danger is leaving them unexamined.

I'm mad that the chameleons are enemies in BOTW, I want to be friends

Any time someone says "no this law is bad because it discourages people from becoming landlords" I'm like, uh... I think we have different ideas about what is good in this world

I have gotten many compliments on this shirt today

People are always like "important conversations need to be in person" and I think maybe that's not always true

Sometimes I'm able to be more reasonable (and feel more safe) over text

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