I find it strange that I've never seen any discussion of how TSA treats fat bodies. I always get a pat down. Always. And super invasive a lot of the time (though less since I stopped wearing skirts).

Teto otoh does not seem to know when bedtime is

Either that or he's like a toddler that gets more and more juiced up the closer it gets lol

Nope it's actually quiet

So now I'm like, does he know my bedtime lol

Yes I go to bed at the same time every night. This is how I stay happy and maintain my mental health. It makes me feel like a big fucking nerd but also I like it

I would like to go to sleep now

Did it stop? Or is this a pause between songs?

No one in Grey's Anatomy should host any more dinner parties

I love feeling my strength increasing (I've been playing Fitness Boxing on the Switch, it's fun)

I bought drawing supplies and some "how to draw" books, I want to get better at doing art things

My new (least) favorite thing: "Oh, you have diabetes? Let me tell you about [diet] that will cure that!"

I threw them out, I don't have the patience. I cooked some garlicky preserved lemon kale instead.

I did take a bus in Seattle and I think that helped - sometimes with triggers a little change in context can help a lot

I took MUNI for the first time in a month since I had an awful encounter on it. PTSD! It was hard and I was anxious but it was okay.

lunch has passed me by because of this release and I am only surviving thanks to snacks

bless u snacks

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