I sorted through a bunch of my clothes yesterday and I just took 3 bags down to recycling and a task rabbit is on the way to pick up 4 more to take to goodwill (plus a box of books that's been in my hallway forever)

From now on, I'm going to include the cost of my time in my cost estimates

Until now I've been counting my time at $0/hr in my fight with poverty brain to do things the cheapest way possible and that's just rude

It's weird that I feel slightly bad for blocking them so I wouldn't get ghost notifications from a ghost because I know that also blocks them from unliking but also, hey, I didn't need that

Apparently in order to remove old likes from tweets you have to like them again

So I was getting ghost like notifications from an ex-friend who ghosted me months ago


I don't understand why "all lights off" in my lights app also stops my podcast

If you feel the need to jump in and help in a way that helps no one, you are really only doing it for yourself

I almost didn't post one tonight because I got some unsolicited advice about my last one that made me feel like people think I haven't got a good plan (even tho the advice was literally to do what I'm doing, sigh)

Today's card: Queen of Cups
this card is about communicating your feelings authentically, possibly with a maternal figure

Two plus seasons of Callie sleeping with men AND women and the word bisexual has yet to be uttered by anyone

Yet another "everyone is too easily offended" person who's very upset people told them they're wrong

Who's too easily offended now, huh

The Tarot Handbook also has a way of determining your personality and soul cards based on your birth date, which turns out to be one card for me: The Hierophant

Today's card: The Star, reversed. I'm trying to find my way but it's still a bit dark

"it looks messy leaving the kitchenaid out on the counter"

okay, you can be the one to get it out and clean it and put it back every time then



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