This was the most direct route from work to the hardware store to get a power drill so I could put up some hooks so I'm feeling pretty ๐Ÿ’ช

And when I got to the top I didn't think "and now I'm never doing that again". I thought "how many times do I have to do that before it starts to feel easy"

[Insert stair climbing montage here]

There is a very steep street near work (Vallejo St) and there is a stairway at the top. Today I walked up to the top. It wasn't easy but it wasn't as hard (impossible) as I thought it was going to be.

I don't understand how I've lived so long without a power drill

Tonight I most definitely am going to need to ice my back lol

Beat Saber my cares away

... while my cat waits patiently for his dinner

Women prevailing against monsters and the elements through sheer cussedness is pretty much always good imo

I am so sick of this Tarantino trailer. I'm never watching this shit and he's the last person I want making a movie about this (or anything really)

They made a horror movie for my birthday (Crawl) and gave me a free popcorn

I propose catpile as the opposite of dogpile - where you pile on someone with affection and compliments

I've just been watching tv. I feel so tired, I think maybe I've been overdoing it - it's hard to remember I still need rest when I have so much more every than I used to

I was planning to go to a thing tonight but decided to have an early bday dinner at home with a delivery burger and ice cream. Kinda think I should rent a movie too but not sure what... Suggestions?

My incredibly talented sister drew this inspired by me and I don't even have words for how touched I am

Her Patreon:

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