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I split my time between three accounts:
- Morning thoughts and dog pix: @trevorflowers
- Maker/machinist/manufacturer chitchat:
- Web-ish XR:

Ideally it's completely viral. If a commercially sold part comes in contact with the lathe then you just made it a gift. You don't have to give the gift, but you can't sell it or you violate the terms of the lathe. It's like a weird EULA but for contaminating capitalism with non-sellable items.

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It's definitely not FOSS because it's not libre. No purchase can be required. No time or materials can be paid for. Really and truly a gift.

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Morning thought: I wonder whether it is possible to release a design for a physical tool (for example, a small lathe) under a license that only allows the tool to be used within a gift economy. All parts that are made by or modified by the tool must be gifted, not traded and not sold.

Hi folks! I'll be tweeting more about this later, but the product I've been working on for the past year, to try and make the internet a better place for creators and community managers, launched today!

This month I left Adobe,, Netlify, EC2, and all but a few GitHub repos. Next is GSuite and Digital Ocean.
I don't yet know what I'll do about Route 53. DNS is tough.
All but one of my Windows boxen are back to Linux. I used to run only Linux (well, and BeOS when I was at Be) and self-host everything (on DSL!) so this feels like returning home after a big renovation. Everything is shiny and fast compared to ~17 years ago. 😸

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I've moved my personal World Wide Web sites to a wee VM in Vancouver, BC until I can move them to a wee device <strike>hidden in a coffee shop bathroom</strike> in my home. and are still on droplets in the US but I haven't decided where to move them.

Whelp, I just backed up and deleted 15+ years of personal repos off of GitHub. Next are the PotassiumES and Transmutable orgs but that'll take some unraveling.

Last night I learned that `sox` will play white or brown noise and so my little lappie drowned out all of the hotel noises that otherwise would have disturbed my sleep:
play -n synth 10:00:00 brownnoise

For a couple of years my personal web site has been in the "Oh, I should update that" state. Instead, I shut it down because I don't need that kind of pressure.

Morning thought: An espresso machine but for yeasts.

If your timeline is overwhelming but you can't/won't log off then I want to reinforce that it is OK to turn off boosts and replies and just focus on first hand toots from people you follow. Also, maybe mute or unfollow people who don't use cw for this shit show. It's the only way I can be here because anxiety.

Dog eye contact 

Hello, human. Now is the time for walks.

I wonder what percentage of humans will be "prompt engineers" in a decade. One might argue that most coders are already there by leaning hard on Google and Stack Overflow.

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Morning thought: An agorithm to turn a ML-generated image (say, of a shoe) into a BOM, printable models, and assembly instructions for a cobot.

The main points I noticed:
- we're defining standards (like First Party Sets) whose implementation and deployment require hypercorp resources
- these standards benefits hypercorps and actively disables grassroots cooperation and non-capitalist approaches
- the standards definition process leans on test implementations and data collection that require hypercorp resources, excluding all others

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A member of the W3C just sent a long and rigorous email about standards body capture by hypercorps to several lists which, I suspect, reach several thousand people. Hashtag brave

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