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Hey, you.

πŸ‘‰ You are worthy of love. πŸ‘ˆ

Every day. Up days. Down days. In bed days. In the street days. In the gutter days. On the moon days.

πŸ‘‰ You are worthy of love every dang day. πŸ‘ˆ

Yes, you.

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I split my time between three accounts:
- Morning thoughts and dog pix: @trevorfsmith
- Maker/machinist/manufacturer chitchat:
- Web-ish XR for Transmutable News:

Another way to frame this: What if rockets were designed to be single use lifters that became cargo in orbit?

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Morning thought: Instead of bringing rockets' first stages back to Earth for reuse, what if we leave them in orbit where refined metals are scarce?

Looks like I picked the wrong week to be dependent on a global supply chain.

Morning thought: Version 5 of the actual Web will be our personal area networks, store and forward meshed as our foraging teams pass within radio range.

On the 28th of May I'm co-organizing , a short and free #solarpunk conference with discussion panels on technology, infrastructure, art and narratives! Feel free to join us, we'll have QnA sessions with experts!

We'll have lots of FLOSS people, Appropedia, Global Innovation Gathering and more!

#sciencefiction #scifi #future #futurism #sustainability

Hey, so there's a version of the FOSS pixel editor with the ableist name which is the same but is named "Glimpse". If you don't care to use the original name then maybe use that.

The more I think about it the less I like using the development of warp drives and subspace communication as the line between people to avoid and people to contact.

Transmutable News Weekly issue 17 is fresh off of the presses (if presses were web sites) and in this issue I cover:
πŸ“° The Base Mesh
πŸ“° A #Glitch switch
πŸ“° #Weron trustnets
Get in while the getting is good! πŸ‘‡

Morning thought: An urban neighborhood tool sharing and learning center with an off-grid mode for crucial repairs during hard times.

It's probably a result of spending time as a youngling near Utrecht but Dutch accented English is one of my favorite Englishes.

Ok, friends of the Wider Web. For the next hour or so I'll be editing the Transmutable News Weekly issue 17. If you have web-ish XR or agreement tech news, projects, or people to share then gently press the reply button.

If you feel that spending on suburban infrastructure is not sustainable then I have bad news about Mars.

It’s time to eat the richies,
it’s time to automate.
It is a time of leisure,
on the muppet show tonight.

ST:Voyager s02e21 ("Deadlock")

I, personally, would be fine with NASA acknowledging that it's highly unlikely that we'll find that life in our solar system originated anywhere except Earth and then stop framing every aspect of science on other planets as looking for microbes. Other planets are freaking cool. Why can't that be enough?

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