There is no such thing as equality and we all accepted it. Because we all benefited from it. All but the lowest in this food chain. They were powerless because we constructed a system that forced them to participate or otherwise suffer immense repercussions. Over time, however, the gap widened, and the circle of people profiting from the established social contracts became increasingly exclusive. The internet gave us true freedom of speech and the power to organize ourselves.


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Since I was born, this is probably the fourth "once-in-a-lifetime" financial crisis we're heading for.

But I think our whole system is one big, deepening crisis, and it's collapsing before our very eyes. It is inherently out of balance and is essentially based on the assumption that we all agree that people take advantage of others. Whether it is corporations capitalizing on the working class or wealthy nations that abuse their powers to gain advantages in the global scheme of things.


Rad stream going on rn supporting Black Pink and National Bail Fund Network... they're at a great pace and playing some fun games!

Today's gender is cheerfulness and the sound of a kettle boiling.

Not-so-casual reminder to those who feel like they can't be involved in the BLM protests because of accessibility/mobility/health/immunocompromisation/fear of COVID, that there are more ways to contribute than just getting your feet on the ground out there:

Sign petitions:
Justice for George Floyd:
Justice for George Floyd 2:
Justice for Belly Mujinga:
Make Black British History Compulsory in Schools:
Justice for Shukri Abdi:
Justice for Elijah McCain:
Justice for Matthew Tucker:
Justice for Dion Johnson:

Share these things to Social Media. Make sure people can't get away with ignoring what's happening.

(US) National Bail Fund:
(UK) UK BLM Fund:
(UK) National Campaign for Fair and Accountable Policiing:

You cannot be anti-racist silently.

White people, it's your job to collect white people at a march for Black people. NBPOC- it's your job to collect NBPOC at a march for Black people. "Don't police other people's-" nuh uh. Black people have asked you how to behave at their marches. If you don't like it, get the fuck out the march. Your focus is protecting Black people at the fucking march about *protecting Black lives*

WrestleMania buildup 

Me: *excited to see Shayna's match from elimination chamber as WWE builds her for a wrestlemania match*
WWE: sooo you wanna know why Becky is cool right??
Me: 🀦

<< You must be a CBS All Access subscriber to enjoy this video. >>

Does that mean I can watch it ironically and bitterly for free


low wage workers cant afford to take time off work when they are sick and these workers are often in service jobs where they interact with the public and they also cant afford to get tested for the virus. woopsie! we did a public health fucky wucky!

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The built-in screenshot sharing tool on the #3DS is annoying to use (and it might shut down at some point), so I'm making an alternative.

It uploads the desired image and gives you a QR code to scan with your phone. So much easier than logging into Twitter from the 3DS browser.

fluorescent adolescent? buddy im an incandescent adult. by that i mean im burnt out

uspol, mike b 

"Michael Bloomberg Quits Democratic Race, Ending a Brief and Costly Bid"

I am in the market for a #tarot deck. Any artists on the fedi producing interesting decks or know of anyone who is?

Looking for something fairly bold and not necessarily in the traditional fantasy style.

For the morning crowd, I put together a little site to track tech co WFH policies and event changes due to .

PRs and RTs gratefully accepted.

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