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Does that mean I can watch it ironically and bitterly for free


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The built-in screenshot sharing tool on the #3DS is annoying to use (and it might shut down at some point), so I'm making an alternative.

It uploads the desired image and gives you a QR code to scan with your phone. So much easier than logging into Twitter from the 3DS browser.

fluorescent adolescent? buddy im an incandescent adult. by that i mean im burnt out

uspol, mike b 

I am in the market for a #tarot deck. Any artists on the fedi producing interesting decks or know of anyone who is?

Looking for something fairly bold and not necessarily in the traditional fantasy style.

For the morning crowd, I put together a little site to track tech co WFH policies and event changes due to .


PRs and RTs gratefully accepted.

Wednesday March 4th, both the Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses of #UCSF (UC San Francisco) will be holding sit-ins at noon to demonstrate their solidarity with the fired #UCSC grad students.

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Just watched #KOTV talk about whether or not charter schools are worth the money.

Spoiler alert: No.

Defund charter schools and give that money to public schools instead.

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