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🎉🎟 XOXO returns to Revolution Hall with four days of incredible speakers, performances, and projects. Surveys close on May 23!

Like every year, we’ll keep adding new performers and projects right up until September. Alright, you’ve got 10 days to register! See you on the other side!

XOXO Story features live performances of Yo, Is This Racist? w/ Andrew Ti and Tawny Newsome, The Allusionist, Everything Is Alive with Ian Chillag, and (of course) Punch Up The Jam Live w/ Miel Bredouw and Demi Adejuyigbe. Plus: Earworm's Estelle Caswell and The Nerdwriter at XOXO Video!

XOXO Tabletop spotlights a growing lineup of new and upcoming games including Moyra Turkington and Jessica Hammer's Rosenstrasse, Patrick Leder's Root: The Underworld, Tiltfactor's Mechanica, Alex Hague and Justin Vickers' Wavelength, Jeri Ellsworth's Tilt Five, and Julia Urquhart's 1001 Odysseys.

Plus, Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera and Pillow Fight Games' Later Alligator, Jenny Jiao Hsia & AP Thompson's Consume Me, Chevy Ray Johnston's Ikenfell, Sleep Ninja Games' The Wild at Heart, and both Spelunky 2 and UFO 50 from Derek Yu—with more to come!

This year's Arcade brings the designers of some of our favorite upcoming games to show off playable previews of @DoubleFine's Psychonauts 2, Killer Queen Black, Love Conquers All Games's Get in the Car, Loser!, Die Gute Fabrike's Mutazione …

We're thrilled to announce that two of our favorite people, The Allusionist's Helen Zaltzman and Song Exploder's Hrishikesh Hirway, will be guest-hosting the conference all weekend.

This year's Conference lineup features Tracy Clayton, Jahkara Smith (Sailor J), Rhea Butcher, Harry Brewis (HBomberguy), Soleil Ho, Lindsay Ellis, Mikki Kendall, Caitlin Doughty, Emily and Amelia Nagoski, Emma Kinema, Jenny Odell, Katherine Paul (Black Belt Eagle Scout), and Rekka Bellum and Devine Lu Linvega (Hundred Rabbits), with more to come!

🎉🎟 XOXO returns to Revolution Hall with four days of incredible speakers, performances, and projects. Surveys close on May 23!

We wrote a little about the tradeoffs that came from supersizing XOXO last year, and why we’re back to our previous size and venue this year.

✨🎟 This Tuesday, we’re announcing the XOXO 2019 launch lineup and opening surveys! Learn more about how registration works here.

🎊📆 XOXO will return to Revolution Hall on September 5—8, 2019! We’ll announce our starting lineup and open registration early April. See you then!

🗳⛰ If you're in Oregon, you can read our voters pamphlet online: ... or check out the (much easier to digest!) Portland Mercury Voter Guide:

🗳️🤔 U.S. friends: only 7 more days until the 2018 midterm elections! Are you ready to vote?! Check your registration, find your polling place, and set a reminder:

✨📢 We've got an exciting announcement today! We're partnering with our friends at Kickstarter to build a new platform to help artists share their work, build community, and get paid:

✨📚 For a limited time, we're selling the remaining stock of our XOXO 2018 Field Notes designed by Shawna X: They won't last long!

XOXO Social, our day of community-led meetups and parties, is just getting started and runs until 6pm with dozens of events all around Portland. See the full list on our schedule!

If you're a 2018 attendee but don't have an account yet, log in to and scroll to "XOXO Slack" to request an invite.

🗂💬 If you're not in the XOXO Slack, we'd suggest joining—at least for this week! We're making plans, organizing meetups, and actively addressing feedback. Join us!

⚡🗓️ Well hey, our 2018 schedule is now live:

📣🔖 Attending XOXO 2018? Our badges are about to go to print so it's your last chance to double-check your details! Log in and head to to update your information!

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