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OK friends, remember when I said my EP would drop on Friday? I LIED 🎉

so proud to share my debut EP “GRYPNOS” 🎵🤖⚡ 👉 👈OUT NOW!

Hi folks! I am closing down this account in a couple days. You can now find me at @autotectonic , please follow me there. I will do my best to re-add everyone

@annika hey! is there a way to change my @ handle here? Or should I delete and create a new account?

omg on a plane to XOXO *tomorrow* ahhhhhhhhh who wants to hang out on Thursday?!

wow its so sad that everyone in the world doesnt speak the same language. alexa play esperanto

hey in case you didn't see this, here's a piece interviewing older people who are trans or otherwise gender-nonconforming. i thought it was really sweet 💖

@zakkain Sword Selfie Saturday is immediately follows by Surprise Suture Sunday and Missing Middle Finger Monday

i don't own a sword but if i did i would be all over 👌

haven't touched any musical gear since I put the EP out there - figured I would give myself a break. Now really itching to get in there and make some noise. *rubs hands together* yessssssss 🤖🎵⚡

too sincere for the shitposters, too ironic for the earnest-posters.... living on the divide, torn between two worlds.. it's me: the Posting Centrist

One of the coolest things about the 1931 Frankenstein, IMO, is that it begins with, believe it or not, a trigger warning.


The movie starts with a totally formal, outside of the world speech cautioning the audience about the topics the film will cover that may be unsettling to some viewers.

And not only does it not ruin the movie, it makes it BETTER.

Groundbreaking, must-read journalism right here. The Toronto Star's Amy Dempsey investigates whether Toronto's raccoons have learned to open the new green bins. Are we making them…smarter?

im working outside on a deck at a friend's place and it's incredible ☀️:yay:

Whoa this is so cool! I’m glad they notify people about these things. #a11y


sooooo where can i get some Takeshi Inomata & Sound albums, they seem hard to find 🤔

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