"We have maple donuts, they're the same as maple bars."

Sir, no they are not.

Paladin luxuriating in a sunbeam on the heated tile floor in the bedroom of our coach. 🐈‍⬛🚌 #Caturday

#caturday I live in a beautiful and "human empty" place in the mountains, and my animal companions live a pretty free life. When I walk the dogs my cats usually come with us, specially her, Svarti ❤️. She's a free spirit that cannot be tamed and loves to explore, run and live adventures!
And when she's tired she jumps in my back without a warning and makes herself comfortable to avoid walking for a while 😂

#cats #landscape #mountains

it’s my first #Caturday here! everyone say hi to zym.

he loves to act like a dog and is passionately pro-union :ablobcatbongo:

If you’re an oldschool blogger, you may remember Noah Grey. His software, Greymatter, was a seminal platform for many of us, and he’s a sweetheart to boot. I wrote about him in my book. He needs a little help now. I donated and encourage you to, too. He's reached his goal but let's keep it going.

Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

It's okay if you don't have a favourite of either. Tell me something else you like instead!

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Please tell me your favourite dinosaur and/or your favourite Pokémon.

Mine are the brontosaur and Mimikyu, respectively.

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